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vrm.1.43 b, a "Some of the Gods with Aircrafts that are like cities in their shape and size, and some with Horses that are prancing, and some with best Elephants that are staggering, at the very sight of plunging Ganga, have entered the firmament at that place.
vrm.3.11 heavens by Aircrafts similar to sun in resplendence, on relinquishing their mortal bodies here and on obtaining new bodies.
vrm.3.23 While the great sages are speaking about this and many other topics, they and the Gods abiding in their Aircrafts have inquisitively seen the flow of army of Rakshasas, whose longevity is now beyond hope.
vrm.3.24 b, Thus the assemblages of kingly sages, Siddha s and the eminent Brahmans, along with Gods that are staying in their Aircrafts, tarried there in the firmament peering inquisitively at Rama.
vrm.3.28 The Gods as well as great sages have then came together and assembled in heavens, and those assemblies that are aboard their Aircrafts are highly gladdened at the exploit of the great chariot fighter Rama, and they worshipped him with their adjoined palms.
vrm.3.29 "Let the supreme sages who were earlier slain by you may now see abiding on their Aircrafts, your abidance in hellish death pangs when assaulted with my arrows.
vrm.3.35 While Ravana, the brother of Kubera, is quickly transiting he saw everywhere the whitish and widish Aircrafts belonging to the deified souls who acquired higher worlds, and from those Aircrafts adorned with divine flowery tassels and piloted by the wish of their steersmen, instrumental and vocal music is resonating, and Gandharva s are singing and Apsara s are dancing in them.
vrm.3.74 Divine Aircrafts of unequalled refulgence have lifted those disciples of Sage Matanga in whose tendance I was, to welkin on your arriving at Chitrakuta.
vrm.4.51 golden are the Aircrafts.

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