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vrm.1.48 "In this hermitage, oh, prince Rama, once that highly renowned Sage Gautama sat tight in asceticism for numerous cycle of years along with his wife Ahalya.
vrm.1.48 "On knowing the meantime of Gautama s availability at hermitage, Indra, the husband of Shaci Devi and the Thousand eyed god wearing the guise of sage Gautama and becoming such a sage, approached Ahalya and said this to her.
vrm.1.48 Thus, Ahalya said to Indra.
vrm.1.48 a Indra" on his part smilingly said this word to Ahalya, oh, well hipped lady, I am quite delighted, here I go as I have came.
vrm.1.48 Thus, Sage Gautama cursed his wife Ahalya.
vrm.1.48 "On cursing immodest Ahalya thus, that great resplendent Sage Gautama shed this hermitage which was once adored by Siddha sand Chaarana s, and that great ascetic Gautama practised his asceticism on the pleasant peaks of Himalayas.
vrm.1.48 Thus, Vishvamitra continued his narration about the legend of Ahalya.
vrm.1.49 "By Gautama s anger I am rendered Testicle less and his wife Ahalya is also rejected by the sage, and thus by his releasing a severe curse his propriety for ascesis is dwindled, therefore his ascesis is pre empted by me.
vrm.1.49 "Therefore, oh, great resplendent Rama, enter the hermitage of Gautama whose deeds are pietistic, and atone Ahalya who is highly fortunate and who is in the compose of a divinity.
vrm.1.49 She whose splendour is brightened by her ascesis, at whom it is impossible to raise an eye for a stare either for Gods, or for Rakshasas, or for the worldly beings on coming close to her, whom the Creator has contrived with careful contemplation as an angelic and a completely phantasmal entity, who is like the befogged and beclouded moonshine of a full moon as she is hitherto enshrouded by the dried up leaves and dust, who is like an unwatchable sunshine mirrored in and glowing from the midst of water, for she is hitherto in the midst of denounce, and whose limbs are like the tongues of a flaring fire around which fumes are cloaking, as she is hitherto practising an utmost ascesis subsisting on air alone, which ascesis alone made her like a flaring Ritual Fir, and Rama has seen such a highly glorious Ahalya.
vrm.1.49 Ahalya is indeed indiscernible to all the three worlds by the very word of Gautama until the manifestation of Rama.
vrm.1.49 Reminiscing Gautama s words Ahalya received those two, and self consciously offered water for feet and hand washing, and like that she also offered guestship customarily and dutifully, and Rama of Kakutstha on his part acquiesced her hospitality.
vrm.1.49 Even that great resplendent Gautama is heartened when he reunited with Ahalya after a long, long a time, and that sage customarily reverenced Rama for actualising his solemn utterance, and that great ascetic Gautama continued his ascesis together with Ahalya.
vrm.1.50 The highly resplendent great saint Vishvamitra has informed the high souled Janaka about the coming of Rama and Lakshmana to the Hermitage of Accomplishment, their stopping over there and elimination of Rakshasas at that place, their indefatigable travel along with him, beholding City of Vishala, seeing Ahalya, her reuniting with Sage Gautama, likewise their coming hitherward to gain a grasp of great bow of Shiva.
vrm.1.50 On informing all these incidents to Janaka as well as to Shataananda, who incidentally is the son of Ahalya, sage Vishvamitra paused.
vrm.1.51 "Oh, tigerly saint Vishvamitra, you have revealed my glorious mother Ahalya who meted out a marathon ascesis to the princes Really! "And the highly resplendent and celebrated mother of mine worshipped Rama, who is worthy of worship by every corporeal being, with forest produce, is it so!
vrm.1.51 ahalyaa daana, the endowment of Ahalya to her husband.
vrm.1.51 "I have done whatever good is to be done and nothing is left undone, and the wife of the sage, namely Ahalya, is reunited with her husband sage Gautama, as with Renuka who was reunited with sage Jamadagni, the descendent of Bhrigu.
vrm.7.35 Collecting all those limbs that were most excellent amongst the created, I made a female under the name of Ahalya.
vrm.7.35 That female was known as Ahalya because she had nothing blameable in her.
vrm.7.35 Ahalya having said this, Gautama replied "In the race of Ikshwakus, there shall be born a highly effulgent and mighty car warrior, known in the world as Rama ;for performing the rites of a Brahman, the mighty armed Vishnu, assuming a human form, shall repair to the forest.

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