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vrm.6.111 Entering the City of Lanka, that Vibhishana, the lord of Rakshasas, quickly concluded the Agnihotra the act of pouring oblations into the sacred fire carried on by Ravana.
vrm.6.111 Having set at their proper place, all the wooden vessels used in Agnihotra, the lower piece of wood used for kindling fire at a sacrifice and the upper piece of wood which is rotated at great speed on to lower one, to produce fire by friction, the wooden pestle and other things used in the sacrifice, they circled around the funeral pyre.
vrm.7.9 O Rama,that twice born one Pulastya s son was performing the Agnihotra, like the fourth Fire itself.
vrm.7.122 After the night had expired the highly illustious Rama having a spacious breast and eyes like lotus petals said to the priest: Let the brilliant umbrellas Agnihotra, and Vajapeya go with the Brahmanas before, which look well in the great road.
vrm.7.122 All the female servants, old and young, the damsels of the seraglio accompanied by servants having no manhood, Bharata and Lakshmana accompanied by their wives, followed him with Agnihotra.
vrm.7.122 All those high souled ones, assembled there with Agnihotra and followed Kakuthstha with their wives and children.

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