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vrm.1.1 "Then, upon the word of Agni,, and Rama realised that Seetha is rid of sins and he is very highly gladdened.
vrm.1.22 While they are following Vishvamitra they looked like the sons of Agni, namely Skanda and Vishakha, following the great god with inscrutable potential, namely Shiva, and thus the brothers have made Vishvamitra to shine forth in even pose with god Shiva.
vrm.1.27 b, a "Oh, impeccable Rama, thus a well known missile shikhari The Tower, and another the fond of Agni known as prathama The Blower, and a missile of Vayu too, I will be giving.
vrm.1.29 But when Bali is conducting that ritual remaining as its officiator all the Devas personally approached Vishnu, keeping Agni ahead of them, just here in this hermitage and they spoke to him.
vrm.1.36 "Thereby the Gods in their turn said even to Agni, you enter the great potence of Rudra along with Maruts, lest that potence may annihilate the earth and earthlings, because you can consume anything that comes in touch with you.
vrm.1.36 "And when Agni invaded that great potence of Shiva it has emerged as White mountain, also thus it has become as a divine forest of reeds equalling the Sun and Fire in its resplendence, wherefrom the highly brilliant Kumara has emerged.
vrm.1.37 "While god Shiva is undertaking ascesis thus, then the Devas desiring an Army Chief for Deva forces have arrived in the audience of Forefather Brahma, along with Indra and keeping Agni at their fore.
vrm.1.37 "On approaching the Forefather Brahma, oh, Rama, all of the Devas headed by Agni and along with Indra have venerated and then spoke this to him.
vrm.1.37 In whom the Agni can procreate an enemy destroying Chief of Deva Armies, such an empyreal Ganga is there.
vrm.1.37 The elder daughter King of Mountains, namely Ganga, will graciously welcome the offspring from Agni, and that act of Ganga in welcoming the offspring through Agni will also be pleasurable in many ways to the younger daughter of King of Mountains, namely Uma, no doubt about it.
vrm.1.37 "On going to that supreme Mountain Kailasa, oh, Rama, which is heaped up with many ores, all of those Gods have assigned the Agni to father a son.
vrm.1.37 Oh, Agni, you please coordinate the mission of Gods, oh, great resplendent god of Fire, you may release the potence of Shiva, which you have contained so far, in the daughter of King of Mountains, namely River Ganga.
vrm.1.37 Thus, all Gods have requested the Agni.
vrm.1.37 "On assuring the Gods that he will do his best, the Agni approached Ganga entreating, Oh, Goddess Ganga, you verily bear pregnancy with the potence of Shiva, since this is the select process of all the Gods.
vrm.1.37 So said Agni to River Ganga.
vrm.1.37 "On listening that sentence of Agni, River Ganga adopted a divine form readying herself, and on seeing her glorious mien the Agni seeped throughout her.
vrm.1.37 "The Agni then drenched River Ganga from all over with the potence of Shiva which he contained so far, oh, Raghu s delight Rama, and every rill and channel of Ganga is replete with it.
vrm.1.37 River" Ganga then spoke this to the Agni who is in the lead of all Gods, oh, god, I am incapable to bear up the rampant fervour of yours, and while being burnt with the fire of god Shiva compounded with that of yours my life force is very highly tortured.
vrm.1.37 a "He who consumes fire oblations on behalf of all the Gods, that Agni seeing the miserable condition of River Ganga then spoke this to her, you may lay away that embryo here at the side of Himalayan Mountains.
vrm.1.37 So said Agni to River Ganga.
vrm.1.37 "Oh, great resplendent Rama, on hearing the words of Agni, oh, charming prince Rama, River Ganga indeed ejected that great radiant embryo of Shiva from all her rills and channels.
vrm.1.37 "In that process, copper and iron are also generated from that combustion of fires of Shiva and Agni, and the residua have become tin and lead, and thus that embryo on reaching the earth has evolved itself into various other elements also.
vrm.1.37 "Oh, tigerly man, from then onwards the gold with its brilliance equalling that of the Agni is renowned by the name of Jaataruupa one that retains its birth time form, and oh, Raghava, everything on the mountain, say grass, trees, climbers, and shrubs, all have become golden.
vrm.1.37 "All of the Devas have then come together under the leadership of Agni and they anointed that highly resplendent boy, Skanda, or Kaartikeya, as the Chief of Deva Army troops.
vrm.1.49 "The emasculated Indra then with panicked eyes spoke to Gods, Siddha s, Gandharva s, and Carana s, keeping Agni as their helms god.
vrm.1.49 Thus Agni started his appeal to Pitris.
vrm.1.49 Thus Agni, the Agni spoke to Pitris.
vrm.1.49 "On hearing the words of Agni, the Agni, the Pitris Gods who gathered to collect their share of offering have extricated that Ram s Testes, which is not yet sacrificed but tethered to a sacrificial post, and offered them to the Thousand eyed Indra.
vrm.1.56 "When Vishvamitra brandished and set up Brahma missile for launching, seeing it all the Gods keeping the Agni at their vanguard, Devarshis, Uragas along with Gandharva s are perplexed, and the triad of worlds itself is perturbed.
vrm.1.62 Hence, you bestow appeasement to Agni on your becoming the ritual animals of king Ambarisha in lieu of this boy Shunashepa.
vrm.1.62 When you are fastened with sacred fastener to the sacrificial post of Vishnu, smeared with red paste and garlanded with red garlands, you praisefully address the Agni with the words I going to impart to you in Vedic hymns.
vrm.1.65 b, a Oh, God, great saint Vishvamitra turned out to be the embodiment of Agni, and before that great resplendent and most reverential sage makes up his mind for total destruction of all worlds he is to be placated.
vrm.2.11 "Let thirty three Devas with Agni in the forefront hear your words giving boons to me, preceded by series of your oaths" "Let your words be heard by sun, moon, sky, planets, day, night, the directions, universe, earth, Gandharvas, Rakshasas, spirits Bhutas wandering in nights house Gods and other spirits.
vrm.2.14 "Oh, Dasaratha born in Kakutsa dynasty! May the Gods Sun and the Moon Shiva and Kubera, Varuna, Agni and Indra bestow you victory!" "Oh, the best of the kings The holy night has gone by.
vrm.2.15 "Oh, king Dasaratha! Let sun and the moon, guardians of the world like Shiva and Kubera, Varuna, Agni and Indra grant victory to you!" "Oh, the best of kings! The venerable night has gone.
vrm.2.54 "Perceive, Oh Lakshmana, the smoke looking prominent as a sign of the glorious Agni fire near Prayaga the confluence of the holy Ganga and Yamuna rivers.
vrm.2.104 Then, Rama holding the feet of that priest, who was equal of Agni the fire and endowed with very great splendour, even as Indra would clasp the feet of Brihaspati, sat down by his side.
vrm.2.109 Agni, Vayu and Soma reap the fruits of their acts.
vrm.3.11 Then all the Gods are worried and met together with Agni at the helm of affairs, and they all conversed among themselves.
vrm.3.12 b, a Rama entered inside the hermitage and saw therein the sanctus of Brahma, Agni, Vishnu, Indra, Vivasvat the Sun god, Soma the Moon god, Bhaga, and the sanctusms of Kubera, are seen and passed by the three of them, sanctums of Dhaata, Vidhaata, santucm of Vayu, and also like that the sanctum of great soled Varuna the wielder of noose, and the sanctum of Gayatri, sanctum of Vasus, and the sanctum of Naga king, and even the sanctum of Garuda and the sanctum of Kaartikeya and the sanctum of Dharma b, a Then encircled by disciples the sage Agastya came out quickly, and Rama saw him who is glowing brilliant before all the other sages.
vrm.3.12 Having completed his personal worship to Agni, and having offered water and other formalities to guest, that sage gave viands to guests according to his hermitic observances.
vrm.3.31 "I am the End Time for the Time god himself, I will burn down the Agni, and I am capable of conjoining Death with the virtue of deathliness.
vrm.3.67 this kind of misfortune of mine incinerates even Agni, the Divine Incinerator.
vrm.4.41 Sugreeva, the well informed and brave lord of Vanara troops, then beckoned Angada and the other prominent vanara s who are valorous ones with full fledged dash and dare, like the son of Agni Neela, and the exceptional vanara Hanuma, the highly vigorous son of Grandparent Brahma, namely Jambavanta, also others like Suhotra, Sharaari, Sharagulma Gaja, Gavaksha, Gavaya, Sushena, Vrishabha, Mainda, Dvivida, Sushena, Gandhamadana, and the two sons of Ritual fire called Ulkaamukha, Ananga.
vrm.4.41 gust of the Vayu, gush of Rain god, glare of Agni etc.
vrm.4.61 "We are not in the know of southern direction which belongs to Yama, the Terminator, nor of south east which belongs to Agni, also not of west which belongs to Rain god.
vrm.4.67 He who is an inestimable one in his formidableness, and an expeditious one in his meandering in the skies, that Vayu who is the friend of Agni will be toppling mountaintops.
vrm.5.13 Devas together with ascetics will make success to me here, self born Brahma the divine one and devas and Agni and Vaayu, Devendra wearing the weapon of Vajra and Varuna with Pasha in hand and also the Sun and the moon and the aswinis.
vrm.5.24 "O auspicious one! Like Svaha the wife of the Agni, like Sachi the wife of Indra become mistress of all worlds.
vrm.5.37 "O Seetha! Now itself, I shall cause you to reach Rama who is staying at Prasravana Mountain, even as Agni hands over the oblations offered in the sacrifices to Indra
vrm.5.53 Hearing that cruel news, which created as much sorrow as when she was carried away by Ravana, Seetha was tormented with grief and started to pay homage to the Agni.
vrm.5.53 Then, the large eyed Seetha, wishing for the welfare of Hanuma, prayed the Agni with her devoted self.
vrm.5.53 Then, the Agni, as though informing the fawn eyed Seetha about the well being of Hanuma, shone brightly with sharp flames, undisteurbed and shooting out pointed flames towards the right.
vrm.5.53 "If such an eagerness was there in the mind of the sea and the wise Mount Mainaka for the cause of Rama will not the Agni show the same degree of eagerness in making its touch cold?" "The fire does not burn me, due to kindness of Seetha, powerfulness of Rama and friendlines of my father.
vrm.5.54 The Rakshasas, who were running hither and thither to protect their houses and who lost their spirits and abundant wealth, created a tumultuous nose, saying "Alas! The Agni has come really in a form of this Vanara!"
vrm.5.54 He is either Indra wielding a thunderbolt, or Yama, or Varuna, or Vayu or Agni or Rudra or Arka or Kubera or Soma.
vrm.5.58 Rama, the great lord along with Lakshmana made friendship with Sugreeva, whose kingdom was taken away by Vali taking Agni for a witness.
vrm.6.12 I shall do battle with the two brothers, even if they are Indra and the Surya or the Agni and the Vayu or Kubera and Varuna.
vrm.6.30 Here is Nila the army general himself, the son of Agni the Lord of Fire.
vrm.6.47 On seeing those two brothers, who were filled with valour, having lotus eyes, the excellent of men, lying streteched on a bed of arrows there in that wretched plight like the two sons of the Agni shakha and vishakha lying on a bed of reeds, Seetha wailed piteously, stricken as she was with a great agony.
vrm.6.48 Rama" and Lakshmana surely knew the use of the arrows of Varuna, Agni, Indra and Vayu, as also the Brahmashira weapon.
vrm.6.57 While some Rakshasas propitiated the Agni with their offerings and paid homage to Brahmanas, a fragrant freeze bearing the scent of clarified butter, began to blow.
vrm.6.59 The Rakshasas went and told Ravana that Prahasta the Army chief had been killed by Nila the son of Agni.
vrm.6.59 Ravana, confronting those trees, bursted them and showered a hail of dangerous darts on Nila the son of Agni.
vrm.6.59 Seeing Nila the son of Agni standing well on the point of his standard, Ravana inflamed with fury.
vrm.6.59 Ravana the Rakshasa, taking up an arrow, charged with the missile presided over by the Agni, aimed at Nila who had perched on the tip of his standard.
vrm.6.59 Thus speaking, Ravana the long armed King of Rakshasas, having placed Agni Missile with his arrow, struck Nila the Army General.
vrm.6.59 O, Tiger among the Rakshasas! Stay, stay! Having evoked such a displeasure to me, where will you flee and get an abandonment? Even if you seek refuge in the region of Indra or Yama or the Sun or Brahma or Agni or Shiva or in the ten regions, even in those abodes you will elude me from now on.
vrm.6.61 "O Neela the son of Agni.
vrm.6.63 I can engage in combat with all those persons, whether he is Indra or Yama or the Agni to the wind god or even Varuna.
vrm.6.63 I shall devour the Agni.
vrm.6.74 He saw the abode of Agni, the abode of Vaisravana son of Visrava shining like the sun, the spot where the sun was tied down, the abode of Brahma, the abode of bow belonging to Lord Shiva and the navel of the earth.
vrm.6.90 Then, that enraged Indrajit of great splendour and the conqueror of battle, looking like the destroyer of the world, employed a missile presided over by Agni the god of fire which was blazing.
vrm.6.90 The valiant Lakshmana obstructed Agni missile, by a missile presided over by the sun god.
vrm.6.102 The Planet Mars stood assailing in the sky, the constellation Vishakha, presided over by Indra and Agni, which is adorned by the kings of Kosala.
vrm.6.105 "The Pitris manes, Vasus, Sadhyas, Ashvins, the Maruts wind Gods, Manu, the Vayu, the Agni, the created beings, the life breath, the source of teh seasons and the store house of light.
vrm.6.105 He alone is the oblation to the Agni and the fruit attained by those who pour such oblations.
vrm.6.111 "It is because, the Gods together with Indra the ruler of Gods including those headed by the Agni fear you, that you were not consumed even while you were laying hands on Seetha, the slender waisted woman.
vrm.6.116 "As my heart never moves off from Rama, so let the Agni, the witness of the world, protect me from all sides.
vrm.6.116 "As Rama apprehends me, though of unimpeachable conduct, to be spoilt, let the Agni the witness of the world protect me from all sides.
vrm.6.116 "As I have never been unfaithful in act, thought and speech to Rama, who knows all the virtues, so let the Agni protect me.
vrm.6.116 "Since the adorable sun god, wind god, the four quarters and even so the moon god, as also the deity presiding over the day time and the twilights and the night and the earth and even others know me to be endowed with good conduct, so let the Agni protect me.
vrm.6.116 Thus speaking, Seetha walking around the Agni, with her mind free from hesitation, entered the blazing fire.
vrm.6.117 "How do you, ignore Seetha who is falling into Agni fire, who is the maker of the entire cosmos, the foremost among those endowed with knowledge and an all capable person? How do you not know this Agni havyavanaha, the vehicle of offerings to gods to be the foremost of the troop of Devas?"
vrm.6.118 Hearing the foregoing auspicious words of Brahma, the Agni came up, taking Seetha in his arms.
vrm.6.118 Shaking off that funeral pile and taking that Seetha, the daughter of Janaka in his arms, the Agni forthwith sprang up at once in a personified form.
vrm.6.118 Bearing in his arms the youthful Seetha, who was shining brightly as the rising sun, was decked in ornaments of refined gold, attired in a red robe and wore dark curly hair, who was further adorned with ornaments of flowers, which had not abraded on her entering the fire and coming out of it, who was absolutely beyond reproach and looked just the same as she did while entering the fire and coming out of it, who was absolutely beyond reproach and looked just the same as she did while entering the flames, the Agni restored her to Rama.
vrm.6.118 Then, the Agni, the witness of the whole world, spoke to Rama as follows "Here is your Seetha.
vrm.6.118 Hearing those words, the courageous Rama of great prowess and the foremost of those upholding the virtue, replied to the Agni, the best of Gods.
vrm.6.126 "Excited as he was to put forth a war effort, he set his mind on the destruction of Lanka, as the Agni intending to destroy all the three worlds, would, at the end of the universe.
vrm.7.83 Lavana being slain the Devas headed by Agni and Indra said in sweet accents to Satrughna the represser of enemies "O child, fortunate it is that thou hast been crowned with success after slaying the Rakshasa Lavana.
vrm.7.89 And that Sudra being slain, Indra, Agni and other Devas praised him again and again and showered flowers.
vrm.7.123 Thereupon all the Devas Sadhyas Maruts, headed by Indra and Agni worshipped that deity, Vishnu.

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