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vp.4.8 named from destroying the race of Bhadrasrenya. He had various other appellations, as satrujit, the victor over his foes, from having vanquished all his enemies; Vatsa, or child, from his father s frequently calling him by that name; Ritadhwaja, he whose emblem was truth, being a great observer of veracity; and Kuvalayaswa, because he had a horse (aswa) called Kuvalaya 13. The son of this prince was Alarka, of whom this verse is sung in the present day; "For sixty thousand and sixty hundred years no other youthful monarch except Alarka, reigned over the earth 14." The son of Alarka was
vp.4.22 The son of Vrihadbala 2 will be Vrihatkshana 3; his son will be Urukshepa 4; his son will be Vatsa 5; his son will be Vatsavyuha 6; his son will be Prativyoman 7; his son will be Divakara; his son will be Sahadeva 8; his son will be Vrihadaswa 9; his son will be Bhanuratha 10; his son will be Supratitha 11; his son will be Marudeva 12; his son will be Sunakshatra; his son will be Kinnara 13; his son will be Antariksha; his son will be Suvarna 14; his son will be Amitrajit 15; his son will be Vrihadraja 16; his son will be Dharman 17; his son will be Kritanjaya; his son will be Rananjaya; his son will be Sanjaya; his son will be sakya 18; his son will be suddhodana 19; his son will be Ratula 20; his son will be
vp.6.8 This Purana, originally composed by the Rishi Narayana(), was communicated by Brahma to Ribhu; he related it to Priyavrata, by whom it was imparted to Bhaguri. Bhaguri recited it to Tamasitra 6, and he to Dadicha, who gave it to Saraswata. From the last Bhrigu received it, who imparted it to Purukutsa, and he taught it to Narmada. The goddess delivered it to Dhritarashtra the Naga king, and to Purana of the same race, by whom it was repeated to their monarch Vasuki. Vasuki communicated it to Vatsa, and he to aswatara, from whom it successively proceeded to Kambala and Elapatra. When the Muni Vedasiras descended to Patala, he there received the whole Purana from these Nagas, and communicated it to Pramati. Pramati consigned it to the wise Jatukarna, and he taught it to many other holy persons. Through the blessing of Vasishtha it came to my knowledge, and I have now, Maitreya, faithfully imparted it to you. You will teach it, at the end of the Kali age, to samika 7. Whoever hears this great mystery, which removes the contamination of the Kali, shall be freed from all his sins. He who hears this every day acquits himself of his daily obligations to ancestors, gods, and men. The great and rarely attainable merit that a man acquires by the gift of a brown cow, he derives from hearing ten chapters of this Purana 8. He who hears the entire Purana, contemplating in his mind Achyuta, who is all things, and of whom all things are made; who is the stay of the whole world

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