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vp.3.15 "In this manner an enlightened householder will celebrate the obsequial worship of his paternal and maternal ancestors, who, satisfied by his offerings, will grant him all his desires. Three things are held pure at obsequies, a daughter s son, a Nepal blanket, and sesamum seeds 15; and the gift, or naming, or sight of silver is also propitious 16. The person offering a sraddha should avoid anger, walking about, and hurry; these three things are very objectionable. The Viswadevas, and paternal and maternal ancestors, and the living members of a man s family are all nourished by the offerer of ancestral oblations.
vp.6.3 Three different kinds of dissolution. Duration of a Pararddha. The Clepsydra, or vessel for measuring time. The dissolution that occurs at the end of a day of Brahma.

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