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vp.1.8 "This being, then, knelt down upon the ground, and raising his hands respectfully to his head, said to Mahadeva, Sovereign of the gods, command what it is that I must do for thee. To which Maheswara replied, Spoil the sacrifice of Daksha. Then the mighty Virabhadra, having heard the pleasure of his lord, bowed down his head to the feet of Prajapati; and starting like a lion loosed from bonds, despoiled the sacrifice of Daksha, knowing that the had been created by the displeasure of Devi. She too in her wrath, as the fearful goddess Rudrakali, accompanied him, with all her train, to witness his deeds. Virabhadra the fierce, abiding in the region of ghosts, is the minister of the anger of
vp.5.21 asena had resumed his royal seat, Krishna addressed him, and said, Sovereign" lord, command boldly what else is to be done. The curse of Yayati has pronounced our race unworthy of dominion 1; but with me, for your servant, you may issue your orders to the gods. How should kings disobey them?"

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