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vp.2.3 Sanjaya speaks to Dhritarashtra. Hear me, monarch, in reply to your inquiries, detail to you the particulars of the country of Bharata.
vp.4.5 Siradhwaja ploughing the ground, to prepare it for a sacrifice which he instituted in order to obtain progeny, there sprang up in the furrow a damsel, who became his daughter Sita 4. The brother of Siradhwaja was Kusadhwaja, who was king of Kasi 5; he had a son also, named Bhanumat 6. The son of Bhanumat was Satadyumna; his son was suchi; his son was Urjjavaha; his son was satyadhwaja; his son was Kuni 7; his son was Anjana; his son was Ritujit; his son was Arishtanemi 8; his son was srutayus; his son was Suparswa; his son was Sanjaya 9; his son was Kshemari 10; his son was Anenas 11; his son was Minaratha 12; his son was Satyaratha; his son was Satyarathi 13; his son was Upagu 14; his son was sruta 15; his son was Saswata 16; his son was Sudhanwan; his son was Subhasa; his son was Susruta 17; his son was Jaya; his son was Vijaya; his son was Rita; his son was Sunaya 18; his son was Vitahavya;
vp.4.9 Rambha, the third son of ayus, had no progeny 2. Kshatravriddha had a son named Pratikshatra 3; his son was Sanjaya; his son was Vijaya 4; his son was Yajnakrit 5; his son was Harshavarddhana 6; his son was Sahadeva; his son was Adina 7; his son was Jayasena; his son was Sankriti; his son was Kshatradharman 8. These were the descendants of Kshatravriddha. I will now mention those of Nahusha.
vp.4.22 The son of Vrihadbala 2 will be Vrihatkshana 3; his son will be Urukshepa 4; his son will be Vatsa 5; his son will be Vatsavyuha 6; his son will be Prativyoman 7; his son will be Divakara; his son will be Sahadeva 8; his son will be Vrihadaswa 9; his son will be Bhanuratha 10; his son will be Supratitha 11; his son will be Marudeva 12; his son will be Sunakshatra; his son will be Kinnara 13; his son will be Antariksha; his son will be Suvarna 14; his son will be Amitrajit 15; his son will be Vrihadraja 16; his son will be Dharman 17; his son will be Kritanjaya; his son will be Rananjaya; his son will be Sanjaya; his son will be sakya 18; his son will be suddhodana 19; his son will be Ratula 20; his son will be

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