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vp.2.3 [paragraph continues] sasikas 55, Bahlikas 56, Vatadhanas 57, abhiras 58 and Kalajoshakas 59, Aparantas 60, Parantas, Pahnavas 61, Charmamandalas 62, Atavisikharas and Merubhutas 63, Upavrittas, Anupavrittas, Swarashtras 64, Kekayas 65,
vp.2.3 [paragraph continues] sudras 153, abhiras 154, Daradas 155, Kasmiras, with Pattis 156, Khasiras 157, Antacharas or borderers, Pahnavas 158, and dwellers in mountain caves
vp.4.3 When the boy had grown up, and was capable of reflection, he said to his mother one day, "Why are we dwelling in this hermitage? where is my father? and who is he?" His mother, in reply, related to him all that had happened. Upon hearing which he was highly incensed, and vowed to recover his patrimonial kingdom; and exterminate the Haihayas and Talajanghas, by whom it had been overrun. Accordingly when he became a man he put nearly the whole of the Haihayas to death, and would have also destroyed the sakas, the Yavanas, Kambojas, Paradas, and Pahnavas 15, but that they applied to Vasishtha, the
vp.4.3 family priest of Sagara, for protection. Vasishtha regarding them as annihilated (or deprived of power), though living, thus spake to Sagara: "Enough, enough, my son, pursue no farther these objects of your wrath, whom you may look upon as no more. In order to fulfil your vow I have separated them from affinity to the regenerate tribes, and from the duties of their castes." Sagara, in compliance with the injunctions of his spiritual guide, contented himself therefore with imposing upon the vanquished nations peculiar distinguishing marks. He made the Yavanas 16 shave their heads entirely; the sakas he compelled to shave (the upper) half of their heads; the Paradas wore their hair long; and the Pahnavas let their beards grow, in obedience to his commands 17. Them also, and other Kshatriya races, he deprived of the established usages of oblations to fire and the study of the Vedas; and thus separated from religious rites, and abandoned by the Brahmans, these different tribes became Mlechchhas. Sagara, after the recovery of his kingdom, reigned over the seven zoned earth with undisputed dominion 18.

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