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vp.1.2 element resides its peculiar rudiment; thence the property of tanmatrata, 26 (type or rudiment) is ascribed to these elements. Rudimental elements are not endowed with qualities, and therefore they are neither soothing, nor terrific, nor stupifying 27. This is the elemental creation, proceeding from the principle of egotism affected by the property of darkness. The organs of sense are said to be the passionate products of the same principle, affected by foulness; and the ten divinities 28 proceed from egotism affected by the principle of goodness; as does Mind, which
vp.2.7 The world is encompassed on every side and above and below by the shell of the egg of Brahma, in the same manner as the seed of the wood apple 5 is invested by its rind. Around the outer surface of the shell flows water, for a space equal to ten times the diameter of the world. The waters, again, are encompassed exteriorly by fire; fire by air; and air by Mind; Mind by the origin of the elements Ahankara(); and that by Intellect:

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