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vp.4.24 Future kings of Magadha. Five princes of the line of Pradyota. Ten saisunagas. Nine Nandas. Ten Mauryas. Ten sungas. Four Kanwas. Thirty andhrabhrityas. Kings of various tribes and castes, and periods of their rule. Ascendancy of barbarians. Different races in different regions. Period of universal iniquity and decay. Coming of Vishnu as Kalki. Destruction of the wicked, and restoration of the practices of the Vedas. End of the Kali, and return of the Krita, age. Duration of the Kali. Verses chanted by Earth, and communicated by Asita to Janaka. End of the fourth book.
vp.4.24 Upon the cessation of the race of Nanda, the Mauryas will possess the earth, for Kantilya will place Chandragupta 21 on the throne: his son
vp.4.24 [paragraph continues] Suyasas 24; his son will be Dasaratha; his son will be Sangata; his son will be salisuka; his son will be Somasarmman; his son will be Sasadharman 25; and his successor will be Vrihadratha. These are the ten Mauryas, who will reign over the earth for a hundred and thirty seven years 26.

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