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vp.1.21 Families of the Daityas. Descendants of Kasyapa by Danu. Children of Kasyapa by his other wives. Birth of the Marutas, the sons of Diti.
vp.1.21 retired one night to rest without performing the prescribed ablution of her feet, and fell asleep; on which the thunderer divided with his thunderbolt the embryo in her womb into seven portions. The child, thus mutilated, cried bitterly; and Indra repeatedly attempted to console and silence it, but in vain: on which the god, being incensed, again divided each of the seven portions into seven, and thus formed the swift moving deities called Marutas (winds). They derived this appellation from the words with which Indra had addressed them (Ma rodih, Weep not and they became forty nine subordinate divinities, the associates of the wielder of the thunderbolt.

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