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vp.4.19 [paragraph continues] Bhavanmanyu 16; his sons were many, and amongst them the chief were Vrihatkshatra, Mahaviryya, Nara, and Garga 17. The son of Nara was Sankriti; his sons were Ruchiradhi and Rantideva 18. The son of Garga
vp.4.19 was Sini 19, and their descendants called Gargyas and sainyas, although Kshatriyas by birth, became Brahmans 20. The son of Mahaviryya was Urukshaya 21, who had three sons, Trayyaruna, Pushkarin, and Kapi 22; the last of whom became a Brahman. The son of Vrihatkshatra was Suhotra 23, whose son was Hastin, who founded the city of

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