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vp.2.3 [paragraph continues] Nalakananas 115, Kaukuttakas 116, Cholas 117, Kaunkanas 118, Malavanas 119, Samangas, Karakas, Kukkuras, Angaras 120, Dhwajinyutsavasanketas 121, Trigarttas 122, salwasenis, sakas 123, Kokarakas 124, Proshtas, Samavegavasas 125. There are also the Vindhyachulukas 126, Pulindas and Kalkalas 127, Malavas 128, Mallavas 129, Aparavallabhas, Kulindas 130, Kalavas 131, Kunthakas 132, Karatas 133, Mushakas, Tanabalas 134, Saniyas 135, Ghatasrinjayas 136, Alindayas 137, Pasivatas 138, Tanayas 139, Sunayas 140, Dasividarbhas 141, Kantikas 142, Tanganas 143, Paratanganas, northern and
vp.5.37 Then the Yadavas ascended their rapid cars, and drove to Prabhasa 9, along with Krishna, Rama, and the rest of their chiefs 10. They bathed there, and, excited by Vasudeva, the Kukkuras and Andhakas indulged in liquor. As they drank, the destructive flame of dissension was kindled amongst them by mutual collision, and fed with the fuel of abuse. Infuriated by the divine influence, they fell upon one another with missile weapons, and when those were expended, they had recourse to the rushes growing nigh. The rushes in their hands became like thunderbolts,

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