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vp.2.3 [paragraph continues] Himalaya: the Vedasmriti and others from the Paripatra mountains: the Narmada and Surasa from the Vindhya hills: the Tapi, Payoshni, and Nirvindhya from the Riksha mountains; the Godavari, Bhimarathi, Krishnaveni, and others, from the Sahya mountains: the Kritamala, Tamraparni, and others, from the Malaya hills: the Trisama, Rishikulya, &c. from the Mahendra: and the Rishikulya, Kumari, and others, from the suktimat mountains. Of such as these, and of minor rivers, there is an infinite number; and many nations inhabit the countries on their borders 5.
vp.2.3 [paragraph continues] Bahuda 6; the satadru, Chandrabhaga, and great river Yamuna; the Drishadwati 7, Vipasa 8, and Vipapa, with coarse sands; the Vetravati, the deep Krishnaveni, the Iravati 9, Vitasta 10, Payoshni 11, and

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