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vp.2.3 [paragraph continues] Kalingas, Magadhas, and southern nations, are in the south: in the extreme west are the Saurashtras, suras, Bhiras, Arbudas: the Karushas and Malavas, dwelling along the Paripatra mountains: the Sauviras, the Saindhavas, the Hunas, the Salwas, the people of sakala, the Madras, the Ramas, the Ambashthas, and the Parasikas, and others. These nations drink of the water of the rivers above enumerated, and inhabit their borders, happy and prosperous 6.
vp.2.3 [paragraph continues] Kasikosalas 10, Chedyas 11, Matsyas 12, Karushas 13, Bhojas 14, Sindhupulindas 15, Uttamas 16, Dasarnas 17, Mekalas 18, Utkalas 19, Panchalas 20,
vp.4.1 Of the other sons of the Manu, Prishadhra, in consequence of the crime of killing a cow, was degraded to the condition of a sudra 8. From Karusha descended the mighty warriors termed Karushas (the sovereigns of the north 9). The son of Nedishtha, named Nabhaga, became

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