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vp.2.3 [paragraph continues] Kalingas, Magadhas, and southern nations, are in the south: in the extreme west are the Saurashtras, suras, Bhiras, Arbudas: the Karushas and Malavas, dwelling along the Paripatra mountains: the Sauviras, the Saindhavas, the Hunas, the Salwas, the people of sakala, the Madras, the Ramas, the Ambashthas, and the Parasikas, and others. These nations drink of the water of the rivers above enumerated, and inhabit their borders, happy and prosperous 6.
vp.2.3 Next hear from me, descendant of Bharata, the names of the inhabitants of the different countries, They are the Kurus, Panchalas 1, salwas, Madreyas, and dwellers in thickets Jangalas(), surasenas 2, Kalingas 3, Bodhas 4, Malas 5, Matsyas 6, Sukutyas 7, Sauvalyas 8, Kuntalas 9,
vp.2.3 [paragraph continues] Aswakas 33, Pansurashtras, Goparashtras 34, Karitis 35, the people of Adhivajya 36, Kuladya 37, Mallarashtra 38, and Kerala 39; the Varapasis 40, Apavarhas 41, Chakras 42, Vakratapas and sakas 43, Videhas 44, Magadhas 45, Swakshas 46, Malayas 47, and Vijayas 48; the Angas 49, Vangas 50, Kalingas 51 and Yakrillomas, Mallas 52, Sudellas 53, Prahladas, Mahikas 54 and

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