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vp.2.3 [paragraph continues] Vanavas, Darvas, Vatajamarathorajas, Bahubadhas 90, Kauravyas, Sudamas 91, Sumallis, Badhnas, Karishakas, Kulindapatyakas, Vatayanas 92, Dasarnas 93, Romanas 94, Kusavindus, Kakshas 95, Gopala kakshas 96, Jangalas 97, Kuruvarnakas 98, Kiratas, Barbaras 99, Siddhas, Vaidehas 100 Tamraliptas 101, Audras 102, Paundras 103, dwellers in sandy tracts (saisikatas), and in mountains Parvatiyas(). Moreover, chief of the sons of Bharata, there are the nations of the south, the Draviras 104, Keralas 105, Prachyas 106, Mushikas 107, and Vanavasakas 108; the Karnatakas 109, Mahishakas 110, Vikalyas 111 and Mushakas 112, Jillikas 113, Kuntalas 114, Sauhridas,
vp.5.20 felled! This is the boy who trampled and danced on the serpent Kaliya; who upheld the mountain Govarddhana for seven nights; who killed, as if in play, the iniquitous Arishta, Dhenuka, and Kesin! This whom we see is Achyuta! This is he who has been foretold by the wise, skilled in the sense of the Puranas, as Gopala, who shall exalt the depressed Yadava race! This is a portion of the all existing, all generating Vishnu, descended upon earth, who will assuredly lighten her load!" Thus did the citizens describe Rama and Krishna, as soon as they appeared; whilst the breast of Devaki glowed with maternal affection; and Vasudeva, forgetting his infirmities, felt himself young again, on beholding the countenances of his sons as a season of rejoicing. The women of the palace, and the wives of the citizens, wide opened their eyes, and gazed intently upon Krishna. "Look, friends," said they to their companions; "look at the face of Krishna; his eyes are reddened by his conflict with the elephant, and the drops of perspiration stand upon his cheeks, outvieing a full blown lotus in autumn, studded with glittering dew. Avail yourself now of the faculty of vision. Observe his breast, the seat of splendour, marked with the mystic sign; and his arms, menacing destruction to his foes. Do you not notice Balabhadra, dressed in a blue garment; his countenance as fair as the jasmine, as the moon, as the fibres of the lotus stem? See how he gently smiles at the gestures of Mushtika and Chanura,

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