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vp.1.15 "There was formerly (said Soma) a sage named Kandu, eminent in holy wisdom, who practised pious austerities on the lovely borders of the Gomati river. The king of the gods sent the nymph Pramlocha to disturb his penance, and the sweet smiling damsel diverted the sage from his devotions. They lived together, in the valley of Mandara, for a hundred and fifty years; during which, the mind of the Muni was wholly given up to enjoyment. At the expiration of this period the
vp.2.3 [paragraph continues] Devika 12; the Vedasmrita, Vedavati 13, Tridiva 14, Ikshumalavi 15, Karishini, Chitrabaha, the deep Chitrasena, the Gomati, the Dhutapapa, and the great river Gandaki 16; the Kausiki, Nischita 17, Kritya, Nichita, Lohatarini 18, Rahasya, Satakumbha, and also the sarayu 19, the Charmanvati, Chandrabhaga 20, Hastisoma, Dis, Saravati 21, Payoshni, Para 22, and Bhimarathi 23, Kaveri 24, Chulaka 25, Vina 26, Satabala, Nivara, Mahita 27,
vp.3.14 "He who, after having offered food and libations to the Pitris, bathes in the Ganges, Satlaj, Vipasa Beyah(), Saraswati, or the Gomati at Naimisha, expiates all his sins. The Pitris also say, After having received satisfaction for a twelvemonth, we shall further derive gratification by libations offered by our descendants at some place of pilgrimage, at the end of the dark fortnight of Magha. The songs of the Pitris confer purity of heart, integrity of wealth, prosperous seasons, perfect rites, and devout faith; all that men can desire. Hear the verses that constitute those songs, by listening to which all those advantages will be secured, oh prince, by you. That enlightened individual who begrudges not his wealth, but presents us with cakes, shall be born in a distinguished family. Prosperous and affluent shall that man ever be, who in honour of us gives to the Brahmans, if he is wealthy, jewels, clothes,

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