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vp.4.24 the confidence of ambition, when they themselves are but foam upon the wave. Before they have subdued themselves, they seek to reduce their ministers, their servants, their subjects, under their authority; they then endeavour to overcome their foes. Thus, say they, will we conquer the ocean circled earth; and, intent upon their project, behold not death, which is not far off. But what mighty matter is the subjugation of the sea girt earth to one who can subdue himself. Emancipation from existence is the fruit of self control. It is through infatuation that kings desire to possess me, whom their predecessors have been forced to leave, whom their fathers have not retained. Beguiled by the selfish love of sway, fathers contend with sons, and brothers with brothers, for my possession. Foolishness has been the character of every king who has boasted, All this earth is mine every thing is mine it will be in my house for ever; for he is dead. How is it possible that such vain desires should survive in the hearts of his descendants, who have seen their progenitor, absorbed by the thirst of dominion, compelled to relinquish me, whom he called his own, and tread the path of dissolution? When I hear a king sending word to another by his ambassador, This earth is mine; immediately resign your pretensions to it; I am moved to violent laughter at first, but it soon subsides in pity for the infatuated fool."

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