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vp.2.3 [paragraph continues] Devika 12; the Vedasmrita, Vedavati 13, Tridiva 14, Ikshumalavi 15, Karishini, Chitrabaha, the deep Chitrasena, the Gomati, the Dhutapapa, and the great river Gandaki 16; the Kausiki, Nischita 17, Kritya, Nichita, Lohatarini 18, Rahasya, Satakumbha, and also the sarayu 19, the Charmanvati, Chandrabhaga 20, Hastisoma, Dis, Saravati 21, Payoshni, Para 22, and Bhimarathi 23, Kaveri 24, Chulaka 25, Vina 26, Satabala, Nivara, Mahita 27,
vp.2.15 "The residence of Pulastya was at Viranagara, a large handsome city on the banks of the Devika river. In a beautiful grove adjoining to the stream the pupil of Ribhu, Nidagha, conversant with devotional practices, abode. When a thousand divine years had elapsed, Ribhu went to the city of Pulastya, to visit his disciple. Standing at the doorway, at the end of a sacrifice to the Viswadevas, he was seen by his scholar, who hastened to present him the usual offering, or Arghya, and conducted him into the house; and when his hands and feet were washed, and he was seated, Nidagha invited him respectfully to eat (when the following dialogue ensued):

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