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vp.2.2 The country of Bhadraswa lies on the east of Meru, and Ketumala on the west; and between these two is the region of Ilavrita. On the east of the same is the forest Chaitraratha; the Gandhamadana wood is on the south; the forest of Vaibhraja is on the west; and the grove of Indra, or Nandana, is on the north. There are also four great lakes, the waters of which are partaken of by the gods, called Arunoda, Mahabhadra, sitoda, and Manasa 8.
vp.4.6 After this, Pururavas and Urvasi dwelt together in Alaka, sporting amidst the groves and lotus crowned lakes of Chaitraratha, and the other forests there situated, for sixty one thousand years 4. The love of

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