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vp.4.13 THE sons of Satwata were Bhajina, Bhajamana, Divya, Andhaka, Devavriddha, Mahabhoja, and Vrishni 1. Bhajamana had three sons, Nimi 2, Krikana 3, and Vrishni 4, by one wife, and as many by another, satajit, Sahasrajit, and Ayutajit 5. The son of Devavriddha was Babhru of whom this verse is recited; "We hear when afar, and we behold when nigh, that Babhru is the first of men, and Devavriddha is equal to the gods: sixty six persons following the precepts of one, and six thousand and eight who were disciples of the other, obtained immortality." Mahabhoja was a pious prince; his descendants were the Bhojas, the princes of Mrittikavati 6, thence called Marttikavatas 7. Vrishni had two sons, Sumitra and Yudhajit 8; from the former Anamitra and sini were
vp.4.13 born 9. The son of Anamitra was Nighna, who had two sons, Prasena and Satrajit. The divine aditya, the sun, was the friend of the latter.
vp.4.14 Descendants of sini, of Anamitra, of swaphalka and Chitraka, of Andhaka. The children of Devaka and Ugrasena. The descendants of Bhajamana. Children of sura: his son Vasudeva: his daughter Pritha married to Pandu: her children Yudhishthira and his brothers; also Karna by aditya. The sons of Pandu by Madri. Husbands and children of sura s other daughters. Previous births of sisupala.
vp.4.14 THE younger brother of Anamitra was sini; his son was Satyaka; his son was Yuyudhana, also known by the name of Satyaki; his son was Asanga; his son was Tuni 1; his son was Yugandhara 2. These princes were termed saineyas.
vp.4.14 In the family of Anamitra, Prisni was born; his son was swaphalka 3, the sanctity of whose character has been described: the younger brother of swaphalka was named Chitraka. swaphalka had by Gandini, besides Akrura, Upamadgu, Mridura, sarimejaya, Giri, Kshatropakshatra, satrughna, Arimarddana, Dharmadhris, Dhrishtasarman, Gandhamojavaha, and Prativaha. He had also a daughter, Sutara 4.

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