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vp.4.8 Sons of ayus. Line of Kshatravriddha, or kings of Kasi. Former birth of Dhanwantari. Various names of Pratarddana. Greatness of Alarka.
vp.4.8 named from destroying the race of Bhadrasrenya. He had various other appellations, as satrujit, the victor over his foes, from having vanquished all his enemies; Vatsa, or child, from his father s frequently calling him by that name; Ritadhwaja, he whose emblem was truth, being a great observer of veracity; and Kuvalayaswa, because he had a horse (aswa) called Kuvalaya 13. The son of this prince was Alarka, of whom this verse is sung in the present day; "For sixty thousand and sixty hundred years no other youthful monarch except Alarka, reigned over the earth 14." The son of Alarka was

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