Satasringa To Hastinapura

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This article describes the journey of the Pandavas from Satasringa, a mountain with hundred peaks, to Hastinapura after the demise of their father Pandu. This article is part of a series of articles related to narrations of journeys mentioned in Mahabharata. These travel narratives are extremely important for researchers who study about the ancient geography that existed during the period of Mahabharata.

The journey of Pandu to Satasringa mountains with his two wives Kunti and Madri is discussed in detail in the article:- Pandu's Travels. Birth of the five Pandavas at Satasringa is discussed here:- episode9-part2. The return journey of Kunti and Madri with their children viz. the Pandavas, guided by the ascetics who were living with Pandu at Satasringa, is mentioned at Mbh.1.126:-

Vaisampayana said, The godlike Rishis, wise in counsels, beholding the death of Pandu, consulted with one another, and said, The virtuous and renowned king Pandu, abandoning both sovereignty, and kingdom came hither for practising ascetic austerities and resigned himself to the ascetics dwelling on this mountain. He hath hence ascended to heaven, leaving his wife and infant sons as a trust in our hands. Our duty now is to repair to his kingdom with these his offspring, and his wife' Vaisampayana continued, Then those godlike Rishis of magnanimous hearts, and crowned with ascetic success, summoning one another, resolved to go to Hastinapura with Pandu's children ahead, desiring to place them in the hands of Bhishma and Dhritarashtra. The ascetics set out that very moment, taking with them those children and Kunti and the two dead bodies. And though unused to toil all her life, the affectionate Kunti now regarded as very short the really long journey she had to perform. Having arrived at Kurujangala within a short time, the illustrious Kunti presented herself at the principal gate. The ascetics then charged the porters to inform the king of their arrival. The men carried the message in a trice to the court.

Pandavas travel from Satasringa to Hastinapura

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