Kampilya To Hastinapura

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This article describes the journey of the Pandavas from Kampilya to Hastinapura after marrying Panchali at Kampilya, the capital of Panchala. This article is part of a series of articles related to narrations of journeys mentioned in Mahabharata. These travel narratives are extremely important for researchers who study about the ancient geography that existed during the period of Mahabharata.


Pandavas travels from Varanavata, up to Kampilya wandering in various kingdoms and places like Ekachakra is mentioned in the article:- varanavata-to-kampilya. At Kampilya they married princess Panchali, the daughter of Panchala king Drupada. This alliance made them very strong. They got the support of king Drupada and his powerful allies and friends who were all wealthy and having huge armies. The Vrishni Yadavas to united with the Pandavas at Kampilya, represented by Krishna and Balarama. Due to all these, Kuru king chose to invite the Pandavas to Hastinapura. Kuru king Dhritarashtra was already having the bad name of trying to kill the Pandavas buy burning them to death at Varanavata at the behest of his son Duryodhana. Dhritarashtra wanted to remove that bad name by inviting the Pandavas back to Hastinapura, the capital of Kuru kingdom. He sent Vidura his half-brother and chief-minister to Panchala to invite the Pandavas. Vidura stayed close to the palace in a place now known as Vidur Kuti, in Bijnor_district of Uttarpradesh.

Journey from Kampilya to Hastinapura


The journey of the Pandavas from Kampilya to Hastinapura is detailed at Mbh.1.208:- The Pandavas and Krishna and Vidura, taking with them Krishna, the daughter of Drupada, and the renowned Kunti, journeyed towards the city called after the elephant, stopping at various places along the way for purposes of pleasure and enjoyment. King Dhritarashtra, hearing that those heroes had neared the capital sent out the Kauravas to receive them. They who were thus sent out were, Vikarna of the great bow, and Chitrasena, and Drona that foremost of warriors, and Kripa of Gautama's line. Surrounded by these, those mighty heroes, their splendour enhanced by that throng slowly entered the city of Hastinapura.

The whole city became radiant, as it were, with the gay throng of sight-seers animated by curiosity. Those tigers among men gladdened the hearts of all who beheld them. And the Pandavas, dear unto the hearts of the people, heard, as they proceeded, various exclamations with the citizens, ever desirous of obeying the wishes of those princes, loudly uttered.

They enquired after the welfare of every citizen there present. At last, at the command of Dhritarashtra they entered the chambers that had been assigned to them.

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