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svs.1.4.2 4. Whether thou drink the Soma by Vishnu s or Trita Aptya s side,
svs.2.1.2 3. And Trita s maidens onward urge the tawny coloured with the stones,
svs.2.2.1 He, showing Trita s name, hath caused the meath to flow, increasing Vayu s strength to make him Indra s friend.
svs.2.3.2 2. The place that is concealed hath gained a share of Trita s pressing stones,
svs.2.3.2 3. He hath sent forth unto the heights the three, in stream, as Trita s wealth:
svs.2.5.2 2. The dames of Trita with the stones urge forth this goldencoloured one,
svs.2.5.2 4. This Pavamana, up above on Trita s ridge, hath made the Sun,

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