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svs.1.4.1 Come with thy bay steeds, Thunder wielder, to our home, to drink them till they make thee glad!
svs.1.4.2 When the two world halves fled for refuge unto thee, and earth even trembled at thy strength, O Thunder armed!
svs.1.5.1 6. Though knowest, Indra, Thunder armed! how to avoid destructive powers,
svs.1.5.1 Call on thee, wondrous, Thunder armed.
svs.1.5.1 Thou, mightiest, Thunder armed, hast driven by force the Dragon from the earth, lauding thine own supremacy.
svs.1.5.1 4. Unconquered strength is only thine, Indra, Stonecaster, Thunder armed!
svs.2.5.1 3. Pour out for Indra, Thunder armed, the milk of heaven, the Soma s juice,
svs.2.8.2 1. Here, verily, yesterday we let the Thunder wielder drink his fill.

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