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svs.1.1.2 3. Stand up erect to lend us aid, stand up like Savitar the God,
svs.1.2.1 7. Send us this day, God Savitar, prosperity with progeny
svs.1.2.2 Give praise to Savitar the God!
svs.1.5.1 9. The strong youths have come forth to view, to show their strength, God Savitar s quickening energy:
svs.2.6.1 1. So when the Sun hath risen to day may sinless Mitra, Aryaman, Bhaga, and Savitar send us forth!
svs.2.6.3 1. May we attain that excellent glory of Savitar the God: So may he stimulate our prayers!
svs.2.7.1 Savitar opens, as it were, the fold of heaven.
svs.2.8.3 Night, sent away for Savitar s uprising, hath yielded up a birthplace for the morning.
svs.2.8.3 The Asvins have equipped their chariot for the course. God Savitar hath roused the world in sundry ways.

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