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svs.1.1.2 All magic powers thou aidest, self dependent! Auspicious bethy bounty here, O Pushan!
svs.1.2.2 Pushan was standing by his side.
svs.1.2.2 10. Soma and Pushan, kind to him who travels to the Gods, provide
svs.1.5.1 1. Flow forth, O Soma, flow thou onward, sweet to Indra s Mitra s, Pushan s, Bhaga s taste.
svs.1.6.2 2. As Pushan. Fortune, Bhaga, comes this Soma while they make him pure.
svs.2.4.1 3. Flow rich in sweets and lovely for our Bhaga, Vayu, Pushan, fair
svs.2.6.1 Mitra s, Pushan s, Bhaga s taste!
svs.2.9.3 3. Illustrious far and wide, may Indra bless us, may Pushan bless us, master of all riches!

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