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svs.1.1.1 4. Chief Priest is Agni at the laud, as stones and grass at sacrifice.
svs.1.1.2 The great Priest, born, who knows the clouds, abider with men, is seated in the waters eddy.
svs.1.2.1 A joyful Priest, thy splendour drives our foes afar
svs.1.2.1 6. Thee have we chosen skilfullest in sacrifice, immortal Priest among the Gods,
svs.2.6.1 Manus appointed Priest art thou.
svs.2.6.2 3. Thou, Agni, art spread widely forth, Priest dear and excellent through thee
svs.2.6.2 1. Thee have we chosen, skilfullest in sacrifice, immortal, Priest, among the Gods,
svs.2.7.1 2. Agni is Pavamana, Sage, Chief Priest of all the fivefold tribes; To him whose wealth is great we pray.
svs.2.7.2 3. I pray to Agni may he hear! the Hotar with sweet tones, the Priest,
svs.2.7.2 3. Immortal, from of old Priest among mortal men, whose tones are sweetest in the house!
svs.2.9.1 Best sacrificing Priest where waters gather.
svs.2.9.1 3. Priest doubly born, he through his love of glory hath in his keeping all things worth the choosing.
svs.2.9.1 Thou by thy greatness art the Gods High Priest, divine, farspread unconquerable light.

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