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svs.1.6.1 12. Over the cleansing sieve have flowed the Pavamanas in a stream, girt by the Maruts, gladdening, steeds with Indra s strength, for wisdom and for dainty food.
svs.2.5.1 9. As Pavamanas, driving off the godless, looking on the light,
svs.2.5.2 3. Yea, for the Pavamanas flow richly, drop fatness, bring us weal,
svs.2.5.2 With that, in thousand currents, may the Pavamanas make us clean!
svs.2.8.2 1. The Pavamanas have been poured, the brilliant drops of Soma juice,
svs.2.8.2 3. The Pavamanas have been shed, the beautified swift Somadrops,

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