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svs.1.4.2 Lords of each holy duty when the wise have honoured sacrifice.
svs.2.2.1 2. Those who by Law uphold the Law, Lords of the shining light of Law,
svs.2.2.2 3. Ye slay our Arya foes, O Lords of heroes, slay our Dasa foes:
svs.2.3.1 3. Worshipped with fat libation. Lords of gifts, Adityas, sovran Kings,
svs.2.3.1 Fulfil, ye mighty Lords, his prayers!
svs.2.3.2 3. For ye twain, Indra, Soma, are Lords of heaven s light, Lords of the kine:
svs.2.4.2 They, mighty Lords, are lofty law.
svs.2.6.3 3. With rainy skies and streaming floods, Lords of the food that falls in dew,
svs.2.8.1 3. Vayu and Indra, mighty twain, borne on one chariot, Lords of strength,

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