To Do List

Generic Activities

  1. Epic kingdoms of India: Create more detailed information about all the kingdoms mentioned in Mahabharata. The information that i put about these kingdoms in Wikipedia is subject to all kinds of edits and re-edits and is now not intelligible! Most of the edits are meaningful while there are many edits that are like vandalism and these corrupt the existing information in those pages. I have no bandwidth to continuously look after these pages in Wikipedia which are now more than 150 in number.
  1. Create a menu system for accessing each kingdom, if this is possible in wiki-dot
  2. Add the map of ancient India in this site and explore the possibility of placing links to kingdoms on the map itself on the name of each kingdom
  3. Analyze the epic characters from a historical perspective and create articles on Krishna, Vyasa etc
  4. De-mystify the myths and provide plausible explanation for the myth found in the mythology expressed in Mahabharata, Ramayana and the Puranas

Specific Stubs

Comparison studies

bold text Arawak - ancient tribe in Cuba Connection (rgveda-Arava)
bold textHavana city in Cuba

Mahabharata passage investigations:-

  • (Bones of Daitya Naraka on top of Himalayas:- bones of a blue whale or dinosaur? Himalaya region was once Tethys ocean. ; Here also we see mention of a Krita Yuga event:- earth sunk by 100 yojanas; plate tectonic activity?)

Human Migration

Kalyanaraman's blog:-

Roman Gods And Mythology

  1. Timeline result of Atharvaveda
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