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BOOK 32.


AGNI is That; the Sun is That; Vayu and Chandramas are That.
The Bright is That; Brahma is That, those Waters, that Prajapati.


All twinklings of the eyelid sprang from Purusha, resplendent One.
No one hath comprehended him above, across, or in the midst.


There is no counterpart of him whose glory verily is great.
In the beginning rose Hiranyagarbha, etc.
Let not him harm me, etc.
Than whom there is no other born, etc.


This very God pervadeth all the regions; yea, born aforetime, in the womb he dwelleth.
He verily born and to be born hereafter meeteth his offspring, facing all directions.


Before whom naught whatever sprang to being; who with his presence aids all living creatures, Prajapati, rejoicing in his offspring, he, Shodasi, maintains the Three great Lustres.


By whom the heavens are strong and earth stands firmly, by whom light s realm and sky vault are supported; By whom the regions in mid air were measured.
What God shall we adore with our oblation?
p. 265


To whom, supported by his help, two armies embattled look while trembling in their spirit, Where over them the risen Sun is shining.
What God shall we adore with our oblation? What time the mighty waters, etc.
He in his might surveyed, etc.


The Sage beholdeth That mysterious Being wherein this All hath found one only dwelling.
Therein unites the Whole, and thence it issues: far spread it is the warp and woof in creatures.


Knowing Eternity, may the Gandharva declare that station, parted, kept in secret.
Three steps thereof in mystery are hidden: he who knows these shall be the father s father.


He is our kin, our Father and Begetter: he knows all beings and all Ordinances, In whom the Gods obtaining life eternal have risen upward to the third high station.


Having encompassed round existing creatures, the world; and all the Quarters and Mid quarters, Having approached the first born Child of Order he with his Self into The Self hath entered.

p. 266


Having gone swiftly round the earth and heaven, around the worlds, around the sky, the Quarters, Having spread out the lengthened thread of Order, he views, and he becomes and is That Being.


To the Assembly s wondrous Lord, to Indra s lovely Friend who gives Wisdom.
have I drawn near in prayer.


That wisdom which the Companies of Gods, and Fathers, recognize, Even with that intelligence, O Agni, make me wise to day.
All hail! 15 Varuna grant me wisdom! grant it Agni and Prajapati! Wisdom may Indra, Vayu grant.
May the Creator grant it me.
All hail! 16 Let these the Priests and Nobles both enjoy the splendour that is mine.
Best splendour may the Gods bestow on me.
To thee, that splendour, hail!
p. 267

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