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BOOK 21.


VARUNA, hear this call of mine: be gracious unto us this day.
Longing for help I yearn for thee.


I ask this of thee with my prayer, etc.
as in XVIII.


Do thou who knowest Varuna, O Agni, put far away from us the God s displeasure.
Best Sacrificer, brightest One, refulgent, remove thou far from us all those who hate us.


Be thou the nearest unto us, O Agni, our closest Friend while now this Morn is breaking.
Reconcile Varuna to us, be bounteous: show thy compassion and be swift to hear us.


We call to succour us the mighty Mother of those whose sway is just, the Queen of Order, Strong ruler, far expanding, never decaying, Aditi gracious guide and good protectress.


Sinless may we ascend, for weal, this vessel rowed with good oars, divine, that never leaketh, Earth our strong guard, incomparable Heaven.
Aditi gracious guide and good protectress.


May I ascend the goodly ship, free from defect, that leaketh not, Moved by a hundred oars, for weal.


O Mitra Varuna, gracious Pair, with fatness dew our pasturage, With mead the regions of the air.

p. 197


Stretch forth your arms and let our lives be lengthened: with fatness dew the pastures of our cattle.
Ye Youthful, make us famed among the people: hear, Mitra Varuna, these mine invocations.


Bless us the Coursers when we call, etc.
as in IX.


Deep skilled in Law, etc.
as in IX.


Kindled is Agni with the brand, yea, kindled well, the excellent.
The metre Gayatri, the steer of eighteen months, give power and life! 13 Tanunapat whose acts are pure, our bodies’ guard Sarasvati, Ushniha metre and the steer of two years’ age give power and life! 14 Agni with offerings, meet for praise, and Soma the immortal God, Anushtup metre and the steer of thirty months give power and life! 15 Agni with goodly grass spread out, deathless with Pushan at his side, Brihati metre and a steer of three years’ age give power and life! 16 The Doors divine, the mighty Regions, Brahma, God Brihaspati, The metre Pankti, here a bull in his fourth year, give power and life 17 The two young Darns of lovely form, the deathless Universal Gods, The Trishtup metre, here, a bull in his sixth year, give power and life! 18 The two celestial Hotars, both Physicians, Indra s close knit friends, The metre Jagati, an ox who draws the wain, give power and life! 19 The Three, Ida, Sarasvati, and Bharati, the Marut folk, Viraj the metre, here, a cow in milk, a bull, give power and life!
p. 198


Tvashtar the wondrous, full of seed, Indragni furtherers of weal, Dvipada metre, and a cow and vigorous bull give power and life! 21 Our slaughterer, Vanaspati, Savitar who promoteth wealth, The metre Kakup, here, a cow who casts her calf, give power and life! 22 With Svaha mighty Varuna give healing power to Sacrifice! The Atichhandas, Brihat, and a steer and bull give power and life! 23 With the Spring Season may the Gods the Vasus praised with triple hymn And with Rathantara, give life to Indra, splendour, sacrifice.


With Summer may the Rudras, Gods, praised in the Panchadasa hymn With Brihat, give to Indra strength; with fame, and sacrifice and life.


May the adityas with the Rains, lauded in Saptadasa hymn And with Vairupa, with folk, strength, give Indra sacrifice and life.


With Autumn may the Ribhus, Gods, praised in the Ekavimsa hymn And with Viraja, give with grace to Indra grace, life, sacrifice.


With Winter may the Maruts, Gods, praised in the laud of thrice nine parts, The Sakvaris, with strength give might to Indra, sacrifice and life.

p. 199


With Dew time may the deathless Gods praised in the Thirty three part laud, The Revatis, with truth give sway to Indra, sacrifice and life.


Let the Hotar sacrifice with fuel to Agni in the place of libation, to the Asvins, Indra, Sarasvati.
A grey coloured he goat with wheat, jujube fruit and sprouts of rice becomes a sweet salutary remedy, splendour, might, milk, Soma.
Let them enjoy sweet butter with foaming liquor.
Hotar, present offerings of butter.


Let the Hotar, Tanunapat, worship Sarasvati.
A sheep, a ram, a salutary remedy on the honey sweet path, bearing to the Asvins and Indra heroic strength, with jujube fruit, Indra grains, sprouts of rice, becomes a salutary remedy, milk, Soma.
Let them enjoy, etc.
as in verse 29.


Let the Hotar worship Narasamsa and the Lord Nagnahu.
A ram with Sura a salutary remedy, Sarasvati the Physician, the golden car of the Asvins, the victim s omentum, with jujube fruit, Indra grains, and rice sprouts, become a salutary remedy, the manly strength of Indra, milk, Soma.
Let them, etc.


Let the Hotar, magnified with oblations, offering sacrifice, worship Sarasvati and Indra, increasing them with strength, with a bull and a cow.
Strength and medicine to the Asvins and Indra are meath with jujube fruit, Masara with parched grain, milk, Soma.
Let them, etc.


Let the Hotar worship the wool soft Altar grass, the Physicians Nasatyas, the Physicians Asvins.
A mare with a foal, a milch cow is a physician.
Sarasvati the Physician yields medicine to Indra, milk, Soma.
Let them enjoy, etc.

p. 200


Let the Hotar worship the Doors, the Regions, the resounding, expansive Doors, the Regions, with the Asvins.
Indra milks the two milky worlds.
The Milch cow Sarasvati yields medicine for the Asvins and Indra, pure light and strength.
Milk, Soma.
Let them, etc.


Let the Hotar worship the two fair formed Dawns.
At night and by day the Asvins with Sarasvati compose impetuous power, like healing balm, in Indra, like a falcon, Masara with light, thought, and grace.
Milk, Soma.
Let them enjoy, etc.


Let the Hotar worship the two divine Hotars, the Physician Asvins, and Indra.
Watchfully by day and night Sarasvati as Physician, with balms, with lead, yields strength and power.
Milk, Soma.
Let them enjoy, etc.


Let the Hotar worship the three Goddesses.
The three active ones, with three sacrificial elements, lay balm and golden hue on Indra.
The Asvins, Ida, Bharati Sarasvati with Speech yields might and power to Indra.
Milk, Soma.
Let them enjoy, etc.


Let the Hotar worship Tvashtar full of good seed, the Bull active for men, Indra, the Asvins, Sarasvati the Physician.
Vigour, speed, power, a fierce wolf as physician, fame with Sura is a medicine, Masara with grace.
Milk, Soma.
Let them enjoy, etc.


Let the Hotar worship Vanaspati the Immolator, the Lord of Hundred Powers, and awful Passion, the King, the Tiger, and the Asvins, with reverence.
Sarasvati the Physician yields wrath and power to Indra.
Milk, Soma.
Let them enjoy, etc.

p. 201


Let the Hotar worship Agni.
Of the drops of clarified butter, Svaha! Of the fat, omentum, etc.
severally, Svaha! Svaha! the goat for the Asvins.
Svaha! the ram for Sarasvati.
Svaha! the bull for Indra.
To the Lion, to his might, power.
Svaha! Agni the salutary remedy.
Svaha! Soma, the power.
Svaha! Indra the Good Deliverer.
Savitar, Varuna Lord of Physicians.
Svaha! Vanaspati, beloved, food and medicine.
Svaha! Gods who drink clarified butter.
Agni accepting the medicine.
Milk, Soma.
Let them enjoy, etc.


Let the Hotar worship the Asvins with the omentum of a he goat.
Let them enjoy the fat.
Hotar, offer the sacrificial oblation.
Let the Hotar worship Sarasvati with the omentum of a ram.
Let her enjoy the fat.
Hotar offer the sacrificial oblation.
Let the Hotar worship Indra with the omentum of a bull.
Let him, etc.


Let the Hotar worship the Asvins, Sarasvati, Indra the Good Deliverer.
These your Somas, pressed, rejoicing with goats, rams, bulls, giving pleasure with rice shoots, young blades of corn, parched grain, joy givers adorned with Masara, bright, milky, immortal, presented, dropping honey.
these let the Asvins, Sarasvati, Indra the Good Deliverer, Vritra slayer, accept.
Let them drink, rejoice in, enjoy the Soma meath.
Hotar, sacrifice.


Let the Hotar worship the Asvins.
Let them eat of the he goat, the sacrifice.
Let them to day eat the fat, taken from the middle, before those who hate us, before human handling.
Yea, let them eat amid the fodder of fields fresh with moisture, with their expanse of barley, limbs of those tasted by Agni, belonging to the Hundred Rudras, portions covered with fat, from the sides, from the thighs, from the fore feet from the chine.
From every member of the divided victims these two make their repast.
Thus let the Asvins accept.
Hotar, offer the sacrificial oblation.

p. 202


Let the Hotar worship Sarasvati.
Let her approach the ram, the sacrifice.
To day let her eat, etc.
the rest of verse 43 repeated mutatis mutandis.


Let the Hotar worship Indra, etc.
as in 44 mutatis mutandis.


Let the Hotar worship Vanaspati.
He has held with a very well formed and very strong rope.
There where the favourite stations of the Asvins are, of the he goat the sacrifice; of Sarasvati, of the ram the sacrifice; of Indra, of the bull the sacrifice; there where the favourite stations of Agni are, of Soma, of Indra the Good Deliverer, of Savitar, of Varuna, the favourite places of Vanaspati, the favourite stations of Gods who drink clarified butter, and of Agni the Hotar, there let him arrange these victims when he has praised and lauded them, and perform when he has made them very strong.
Let divine Vanaspati accept.
Hotar, offer oblation.


Let the Hotar worship Agni Svishtakrit.
Let Agni worship the favourite stations of the Asvins, of the he goat the sacrifice; of Sarasvati, of the ram the sacrifice; of Indra, of the bull the sacrifice; there, etc.
to butter as in 46.
Let him worship the favourite stations of Agni the Hotar.
Let him worship his own majesty.
Let him win for himself by sacrifice food worthy of sacrifice.
Let him, Knower of Beings, perform the sacred rites.
Let him accept the sacrificial food.
Hotar, offer oblation.


The Grass divine, for the right Gods, Sarasvati, the Asvins Twain, Give Indra splendour, with the Grass, sight of his eyes and mighty strength! For gain of wealth let them enjoy.
Thou, Hotar, offer sacrifice.


The Doors, the Doors divine, the Two Asvins, Leeches, Sarasvati May they give breath to Indra in his nostrils, and heroic strength.
For gain of wealth, etc.
as in verse 48.

p. 203


May Dawn and Night, the Goddesses, both Asvins, and Sarasvati Lay, with both Dawns, strength, voice within Indra the Good Deliverer s mouth.
For gain of wealth, etc.


Both nursing Goddesses, the Pair of Asvins, and Sarasvati Have with both nurses given strength to Indra, fame, and power to hear.
For gain of wealth, etc.


Bringers of strengthening sacrifice, both Goddesses, well yielding cows, Sarasvati, both Asvins, the Physicians, these are Indra s guards.
Forth from their breasts by sacrifice they give him brilliant light and power.
For gain of wealth, etc.


Both Gods, the Hotars of the Gods, the Asvins the Physicians and Sarasvati with Vashat calls, with the two Hotars have bestowed on Indra brilliant light and power, and planted wisdom in his heart.
For gain of wealth, etc.


Goddesses three, three Goddesses Asvins, Ida, Sarasvati In Indra s midmost navel have laid store of energy and power.
For gain of wealth, etc.


God Narasamsa, Indra thrice protecting, whose car moves by Sarasvati and Asvins May Tvashtar lay seed, deathless form in Indra, a fitting place of birth and mighty powers.
For gain of wealth, etc.


God with the Gods, Vanaspati of golden leaves and goodly fruit Ripens till Indra finds it sweet, with Asvins and Sarasvati.


Strewn, soft as wool, in sacrifice, with Asvins and Sarasvati, The sacred robe of water plants be, Indra, a fair seat for thee! Together with the sacred grass limy they, for sovranty, bestow King Passion and great power on thee.
For gain of wealth, etc.

p. 204


Let the God Agni Svishtakrit worship the Gods as is meet and right for each, the two Hotars, Indra, the Asvins, Vak with speech, Sarasvati, Agni, Soma.
Svishtakrit has been well worshipped, Indra Good Deliverer, Savitar, Varuna the Physician have been worshipped.
The God Vanaspati, the Gods who drink clarified butter have been well worshipped, Agni by Agni.
Let the Hotar Svishtakrit give the Hotar fame, great power, energy, honour, Ancestral libation.


To day this Sacrificer cooking viands, cooking sacrificial rice cakes, binding a goat for the Asvins, a ram for Sarasvati, a hull for Indra, pressing Sura and Soma juices for the Asvins, Sarasvati, and Indra the Good Deliverer, has chosen Agni as Hotar.


To day the divine Vanaspati has done good service to the Asvins with a goat, to Sarasvati with a ram, to Indra with a bull.
They have eaten these from the marrow onwards, they have accepted the cooked viands, they have waxed strong with the rice cakes.
The Agnis, Sarasvati, and Indra have drunk the Sura and Soma draughts.


Thee, to day, O Rishi, Rishi s son, descendant of Rishis, hath this Sacrificer chosen for many collected, saying: This Agni() shall win by sacrifice for me choice worthy treasures among the Gods.
O God, what gifts the Gods have given, these do thou desire and approve.
And thou art a commissioned Hotar, a human Hotar sent forward for benediction, for good speech, Speak thou good words.

p. 205

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