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The Piling of the Fire Altar (Continued)

iv. 7. 1.

a O Agni and Visnu, may these songs gladden you in unison; come ye with radiance and strength.
b May for me strength, instigation, influence, inclination, thought, inspiration, speech, fame, renown, reputation, light, heaven, expiration, inspiration [1], cross breathing, breath, mind, learning, voice, mind, eye, ear, skill, might, force, strength, life, old age, breath, body, protection, guard, limbs, bones, joints, bodies (prosper through the sacrifice).

iv. 7. 2.

May for me pre eminence, overlordship, spirit, anger, violence, impetuosity, victorious power, greatness, breadth, extent, greatness, length, growth, growing, truth, faith, world [1], wealth, power, radiance, play, delight, what is born, what is to be born, good words, good deeds, finding, what there is to find, what has been, what will be, easy road, good way, prosperity, prospering, agreement, agreeing, thought, good thought (prosper through the sacrifice).

iv. 7. 3.

May for me prosperity, comfort, desire, wish, longing, kindliness, good, better, superior, fame, good luck, riches, restrainer, supporter, peace, firmness, all [1], greatness, discovery, knowledge, begetting, procreation, plough, harrow, holy order, immortality, freeness from disease, freedom from illness, life, longevity, freedom from foes, fearlessness, ease of going, lying, fair dawning, and fair day (prosper through the sacrifice).

iv. 7. 4.

May for me strength, righteousness, milk, sap, ghee, honey, eating and drinking in company, ploughing, rain, conquest, victory, wealth, riches, prosperity, prospering, plenteousness [1], lordship, much, more, fun, fuller, imperishableness, bad crops, food, freedom from hunger, rice, barley, beans, sesame, kidney beans, vetches, wheat, lentils, Millet, Panicum miliaceum, Panicum frumentaceum, and wild rice (prosper through the sacrifice).

iv. 7. 5.

May I for me the stone, clay, hills, mountains, sand, trees, gold, bronze, lead, tin, iron, copper, fire, water, roots, plants, what grows on ploughed land, what grows on unploughed land, tame and wild cattle prosper through the sacrifice; may for me wealth and gaining wealth, attainment and attaining, riches, dwelling, act, power, aim, strength, moving and going (prosper through the sacrifice).

iv. 7. 6.

May Agni for me and Indra, may Soma and Indra, may Savitr and Indra, may Sarasvati and Indra, may Pusan and Indra, may Brhaspati and Indra, may Mitra and Indra, may Varuna and Indra, may Tvastr [1] and Indra, may Dhatr and Indra, may Visnu and Indra, may the Asvins and Indra, may the Maruts and Indra, may the All gods and Indra, may earth and Indra, may the atmosphere and Indra, may sky and Indra, may the quarters and Indra, may the head and Indra, may Prajapati and Indra (be auspicious for me through the sacrifice).

iv. 7. 7.

May the Amsu cup for me, the Rasmi, the Adabhya, the overlord (cup), the Upansu, the Antaryama, the (cup) for Indra and Vayu, the (cup) for Mitra and Varuna, the (cup) for the Asvins, the Pratiprasthana (cup) the Sukra, the Manthin, the Agrayana, the (cup) for the All gods, the Dhruva, the (cup) for Vaisvanara, the season cups [1], the Atigrahyas, the (cup) for Indra and Agni, the (cup) for the All gods, the (cups) for the Maruts, the (cup) for Mahendra, the (cup) for Aditya, the (cup) for Savitr the (cup) for Sarasvati, the (cup) for Pusan, the (cup) for Tvastr() with the wives (of the gods), the Hariyojana (cup) (prosper for me through the sacrifice).

iv. 7. 8.

May the kindling wood for me, the strew, the altar, the lesser altars, the offering spoons, the cups, the pressing stones, the chips (of the post), the sounding holes, the two pressing boards, the wooden tub, the Vayu cups, the (bowl) for the purified Soma, the mixing (bowl), the Agnidh s altar, the oblation holder, the house, the Sadas, the cakes, the cooked (offerings), the final bath, the cry of Godspeed (prosper for me through the sacrifice).

iv. 7. 9.

May the fire for me, the cauldron, the beam, the sun, breath, the horse sacrifice, earth, Aditi, Diti, sky, the Sakvari verses, the fingers, the quarters prosper through the sacrifice; may the Re, the Saman, the hymn tune, the Yajus, consecration, penance, the season, the vow (prosper) through the rain of day and night, the Brhat and Rathantara prosper for me through the sacrifice.

iv. 7. 10.

May the embryo for me, the calves, the one and a half year old male and female, the two year old male and female, the two and a half year old male and female, the three year old male and female, the four year old male and female, the draught ox and the draught cow, the bull and the cow that is barren, the steer [1] and the cow that miscarries, the bullock and the cow (prosper through the sacrifice); may life prosper through the sacrifice, may expiration prosper through the sacrifice, may inspiration prosper through the sacrifice, may cross breathing prosper through the sacrifice, may the eye prosper through the sacrifice, may the ear prosper through the sacrifice, may mind prosper through the sacrifice, may speech prosper through the sacrifice, may the self prosper through the sacrifice, may the sacrifice prosper through the sacrifice.

iv. 7. 11.

a May one for me, three, five, seven, nine, eleven, thirteen, fifteen, seventeen, nineteen, twenty one, twenty three, twenty five, twenty seven, twenty nine, thirty one, thirty three [1]; b four, eight, twelve, sixteen, twenty, twenty four, twenty eight, thirty two, thirty six, forty, forty four, forty eight; c strength, instigation, the later born, inspiration, heaven, the head, the Vyasniya, the offspring of the last, the last, the offspring of being, being, the overlord (prosper with the sacrifice).

iv. 7. 12.

a May strength aid us through the seven quarters, The four distances, Strength aid us here with the All gods For the gaining of wealth.
b May all the Maruts to day be present, all, to aid us, Be the fires all enkindled present; May the All gods come to us with aid; All wealth, and strength, be ours.
c O gods, come in your cars of gold For the instigation of strength, Agni, Indra, Brhaspati And the Maruts to drink the Soma.
d For each prize, aid us, O ye steeds, For the rewards [1], O ye wise, immortal, righteous ones; Drink of this mead, rejoice in it; Delighted go by paths on which the gods go.
e Strength is in front, in the midst of us; Strength shall assort the gods in due season The instigation of strength is propitious; In all the quarters may I become a lord of strength.
f Milk may I place on earth, milk on the plants, Milk in the sky, in the atmosphere milk, Be the quarters rich in milk for me.
g I unite myself with milk, with ghee, I united myself.
with waters [2] and plants; Strength may I win, O Agni.
h Night and the dawn, one minded, but of various form United suckle one child; The radiant one shineth between sky and earth; The gods, granters of wealth, support Agni.
i Thou art the ocean, full of mist, granting moisture, blow over me with healing, with wonder working; hail! Thou art of the Maruts, the horde of the Maruts, blow over me with healing, with wonder working; hail! Thou art the helper, the worshipper, blow over me with healing, with wonder working; hail!
iv. 7.13.
a Agni I yoke with glory, with ghee, The bird divine mighty in strength; Therewith may we fly to the expanse of the ruddy one, Mounting the heaven above the highest vault.
b These are wings unaging of thee, the winged, Wherewith thou dost smite away the Raksases, O Agni; With these may we fly to the world of good men, Where are the seers, the first born, those of yore.
c Thou art piling, born of the ocean, the drop, The skilled one, the eagle, the righteous, The golden winged busy bird, mighty, That hath sat down firmly in its place [1].
d Homage be to thee; harm me not, Thou dost stand resting on the head of all; Within the ocean is thy heart, thy life; Sky and earth are placed on the worlds.
e Give of the water, cleave the holder of the water; from the sky, from Parjanya, from the atmosphere, from the earth, thence do ye help us with rain; thou art the head of the sky, the navel of earth, the strength of waters and plants, protection of all life, extending; homage to the way! f With that devotion wherewith the seers performed the session of sacrifice [2], Kindling Agni, bearing aloft the heaven, I set on this vault that Agni Whom men call him for whom the spread is strewed.
g Him with our wives let us pursue, O gods, With our sons, our brothers, or by gold, Seizing the vault in the world of good action, Above the third firmament, in the light of the sky.
h To the middle of speech hath the busy one arisen, Agni here, lord of the good, the wise; Established on the back of the earth, the radiant one, He casteth beneath his feet [3] the combatants.
i Let Agni here, the most manly, strength bestowing, Of a thousand shapes, shine unwearying, Radiant in the midst of the ocean; Do ye approach the abodes divine.
k Move ye forward, go ye long together; Make ye the paths gods travelled, O Agni; In this highest abode O All gods, sit ye with the sacrificer.
l That by which thou bearest a thousand, Thou, O Agni, all wealth, With that highest (path) for the gods to travel, Do thou bear this sacrifice for us.
m Awake, O Agni; be roused for him; With this one do thou create sacrifice and donation; Making thee, his father, young again He hath stretched over thee this covering.
n This is thy due place of birth, Whence born thou didst shine, Mount it, O Agni, knowing it, And make our wealth increase.

iv. 7. 14.

a May radiance be mine, O Agni, in rival invocations, May we, kindling thee, make ourselves to prosper; To me let the four quarters bow; With thee as overseer may we conquer the fighters.
b Let all the gods be at my invocation, The Maruts with Indra, Visnu, Agni; May the broad atmosphere be my guardian; May the wind blow for me unto this desire.
c May the gods bestow wealth upon me through sacrifice; May blessing be mine, and mine divine invocation; The divine sacrificers of old shall win for us [1]; Unharmed may we be in ourselves, rich in heroes.
d For me let them sacrifice whatever sacrifices are mine Fulfilled be the intent of my mind; No sin whatever may I commit; May the All gods befriend me.
e O ye six spaces divine, for us make broad room; O ye All gods, here show your prowess; May we not lose offspring nor ourselves; May we not fall victims to our foe, O king Soma.
f Agni, driving away wrath in front [2], As guardian unfailing, do thou guard us on all sides; Let thy foes turn away again And be their plotting at home ruined through thy foresight.
g The creator of creators, lord of the world, The god Savitr overcoming enmity, This sacrifice may the two Asvins and Brhaspati, The gods (guard) and protect the sacrificer from misfortune.
h May the bull, wide extending, afford us protection rich in food, He much invoked in this invocation; O thou of the bay steeds, be gracious unto our progeny; Harm us not [3], abandon not us.
i May our rivals depart; With Indra and Agni we overthrow them; The Vasus, the Rudras, the Adityas have made me A dread corrector and overlord, sky reaching.
k Hitherward do we summon Indra from thence, Him who is winner of cows, of booty, and winner too of horses; Do thou accept this sacrifice at our invocation; Ally of it we make thee, O lord of the bays.

The Horse Sacrifice

iv. 7. 15.

a Of Agni first I reckon, the wise ones, Him of the five folk whom many kindle; Him who hath entered into every concourse do we implore, May he relieve us from tribulation.
b Him whose is that which breatheth, which winketh, which moveth, Whose alone is that which has been born and is being born, Agni I praise; I invoke seeking aid, May he relieve us from tribulation.
c Of Indra first I reckon, the wise one; Praise of the slayer of Vrtra hath come to me, He who cometh at the call of the generous doer of good deeds [1], May he relieve us from tribulation.
d Him who in might leadeth forth the host for battle, Who commingleth the three possessions; Indra I praise; I invoke seeking aid, May he relieve us from tribulation.
e Of you, O Mitra and Varuna, I reckon Take heed of him, O ye of true strength, strong ones, whom ye afflict; Ye who go in might against the king in his chariot, May ye relieve us from sin.
f You whose chariot with straight reins, of true path, Approacheth to spoil him who acteth falsely, Mitra and Varuna I praise [2]; I invoke seeking aid, May ye relieve us from sin.
g We venerate the ordinances of Vayu and of Savitr, Who support that which hath life and guard it, Who surround all things; May ye relieve us from sin.
h The best blessings have come to us In the realm of the two gods; I praise Vayu and Savitr; I invoke seeking aid, May ye relieve us from sin.
i Best charioteers of carmen, I hail for aid, That go most smoothly with well guided steeds; Ye [3] whose might among the gods, O gods, is unextinguished, May ye relieve us from sin.
k What time ye came to the wedding of Surya, Choosing a seat together on the three wheeled (chariot), I praise you, Asvins, gods, invoke seeking aid, May ye relieve us from sin.
l Of the Maruts I reckon; may they aid us; May they all help this every prayer (of ours); The swift, easily controlled (ones) I call to help, May they relieve us from evil.
m The sharp weapon, strong and mighty, The divine host [4] keen in the battles, I praise the gods, the Maruts; I invoke seeking aid, May they relieve us from evil.
n Of the gods I reckon; may they aid us; May they all help this every prayer; The swift, easily controlled (ones) I call to help, That they may relieve us from evil.
o That which now consumeth me From deed of men or gods, I praise the All gods; I invoke seeking aid, May they free us from evil.
p Us to day Anumati.
q O Anumati, thou [5].
r Vaisvanara for aid to us.
s Present in sky.
t Those that expanded with unmeasured might, Those that became the supports of wealth, I praise sky and earth; I invoke seeking aid, May ye relieve us from tribulation.
u O ye broad firmaments, make room for us; O rulers of the field, aid us; I praise sky and earth; I invoke seeking aid, May ye relieve us from tribulation.
v Whatever sin we commit against thee, As men are wont in ignorance, O most young [6], Make us blameless before Aditi, Remove our evil deeds on all sides, O Agni.
w Even as ye did set free, O bright ones, O ye that are worthy of offering, the buffalo cow bound by the foot, So do thou remove from us tribulation; Be our life prolonged further, O Agni.

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