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The Victim for Agni and Soma

i. 3. 1.

a On the impulse of the god Savity, with the arms of the Asvins, with the hands of Pusan, I take thee; thou art the spade, thou art the woman. b The Raksas is encompassed, the evil spirits are encompassed, here do I cut off the neck of the Raksas.
c He who hates us and whom we hate, here do I cut off his neck.
d To sky thee, to atmosphere thee, to earth thee! e Pure be the world where the Pitrs sit.
f Thou art barley (yava); bar (yavaya) from us foes, bar evil spirits.
g Thou art the seat of the Pitrs.
h Support the sky, fill the atmosphere, make firm the earth.
i May Dyutana Maruta set thee up according to the established law of Mitra and Varuna.
k Thee that art winner of Brahmans, winner of nobles, winner of fair offspring, winner of increase of wealth, I close in.
l Strengthen the Brahmans, strengthen the nobles, strengthen offspring, strengthen increase of wealth.
m With ghee, O sky and earth, be filled.
n Thou art the seat of Indra, the shade of all folk.
o May these our songs, O lover of song, Encompass thee on all sides, Strengthening thee whose life is strong; May they be dear delights.
p Thou art the string of Indra; thou art the fixed point of Indra.
q Thou art of Indra.
r To Indra thee!

i. 3. 2.

a I dig those which slay the Raksas, which slay the spell, which are of Visnu. b Here do I cast out the spell which an equal or an unequal hath buried against us.
c Here do I overthrow him who equal or unequal is ill disposed to us.
d The spell is overcome by the Gayatri metre.
e What is here? Good.
Let it be ours.
f Thou art Viraj, slaying our rivals; thou art Samraj, slaying our foes; thou art Svaraj, slaying the enemy; thou art Visvaraj, slayer of all destructive things [1].
g I sprinkle those which slay the Raksas, which slay the spell, and which are of Visnu.
h I pour down those which slay the Raksas, which slay the spell, and which are of Visnu.
i Thou art barley (yava); bar (yavaya) from us foes, bar evil spirits.
k I bestrew those which slay the Raksas, which slay the spell, and which are of Visnu.
l I pour the libation over those which slay the Raksas, which slay the spell, and which are of Visnu.
m I lay down the two Which slay the Raksas, which slay the spell, and which are of Visnu.
n I surround the two which slay the Raksas, which slay the spell, and which are of Visnu.
o I bestrew the two which slay the Raksas, which slay the spell, and which are of Visnu.
p The two which slay the Raksas, which slay the spell, and which are of Visnu.
q Thou art great, with a great pressing stone; call forth to Indra with a great voice.

i. 3. 3.

a Thou I art the expanding, the carrier.
b Thou art the bearer which carrieth the offering.
c Thou art the savoury, the wise.
d Thou art Tutha, the all knower.
e Thou art Usij, the wise.
f Thou art Anghari, Bamhhari.
g Thou art the seeker of aid, the worshipper.
h Thou art the bright, the Marjaliya.
i Thou art the king, Kysanu.
k Thou art the purifying, around which men must sit.
1 Thou art the impetuous, the cloudy.
m Thou art the untouched, the preparer of the offering.
n Thou art be whose home is right, whose light is the heaven.
o Thou art be whose light is the Brahman, whose home is the heaven.
p Thou art the goat with one foot.
q Thou art the dragon of the deep.
r With thy dread countenance guard me, Agni; content me; hurt me not.

i. 3. 4.

a Thou, O Soma, art the giver of wide protection from hostility, brought about by ourselves or by others; hail! b May the active one gladly partake of the ghee.
c May Agni here make room for us; May he go before us cleaving the foe; Joyously may he conquer our foes; May he win booty in the contest for booty.
d Step widely, O Visnu; Give us broad space for dwelling in; Drink the ghee, thou whose birthplace is in the ghee; Lengthen (the years) of the lord of the sacrifice.
e Soma goeth, who knoweth the way; He approacheth the place of the gods, To sit on the birthplace of Order
f Thou art the seat of Aditi.
g Do thou sit on the seat of Aditi.
h This, god Savitr, is the Soma of you (gods); guard it; let it escape you not.
i So, O Soma, god to the gods, hast thou gone, and I here man to man, with offspring, with increase of wealth.
k Honour to the gods I Homage to the Pitrs! 1 Here (may) I (be free) from Varuna s noose; may I gaze on the heaven, on the light that is for all men, M Agni, lord of vows, thou art the vow lord of vows.
n May my body that bath been in thee be here in me; may thy body that hath been in me be there in thee.
o Be aright the vows, O vow lord, of both of us votaries.

i. 3. 5.

a I have passed by some, I have not approached others.
b I have found thee nearer than the farther, farther than the near.
c So I welcome thee, that art of Visnu, for the sacrifice to the gods.
d Let the god Savitr anoint thee with honey.
e O plant, guard it.
f O axe, harm it not.
g With thy top graze not the sky, with thy middle harm not the atmosphere, with earth be united.
h O tree, grow with a hundred shoots; may we grow with a thousand shoots.
i Thou, whom this sharp axe hath brought forward for great good fortune, uncut, with wealth of heroes, (give us) riches.

i. 3. 6.

a To I earth thee! To atmosphere thee! To sky thee! b Pure be the world where the Pitrs sit.
c Thou art barley (yava); bar (yavaya) from us foes, bar evil spirits.
d Thou art the seat of the Pitrs.
e Thou art easy of approach, first among leaders; the tree will mount thee, be aware of it.
f Let the god Savitr anoint thee with honey.
g For the plants with good berries thee! h Support the sky, fill the atmosphere, with thy base make firm the earth.
i To these dwellings of thine are we fain to go, Where are the many horned active kine; There is resplendent the highest step Of the wide stepping Visnu, the mighty! k Behold the deeds of Visnu Wherein he displayed his laws, Indra s true friend.
l That highest step of Visnu The singers ever gaze upon Like an eye stretched in the sky.
m Thee that art winner of Brahmans, winner of nobles, winner of fair offspring, winner of increase of wealth, I close in.
n Strengthen the Brahmans, strengthen the nobles, strengthen offspring, strengthen increase of wealth, o Thou art invested; lot the clans of the gods invest thee; let increase of wealth, let (the clans) of men invest the sacrificer here.
p On the slope of the atmosphere I conceal thee.

i. 3. 7.

a For striving thee! b Thou art the impeller.
c To the gods the servants of the gods have come, the priests, the eager ones. d O Bihaspati, guard wealth.
e Let thy oblations taste sweet.
f O god Tvastr make pleasant our possessions.
g Stay, ye wealthy ones, h Thou art the birthplace of Agni.
i Ye are the two male ones.
k Thou art Urvasi, thou art Ayu, thou art Pururavas.
l Anointed with ghee, do ye produce a male.
m Be born with the Gayatri metre, with the Tristubh metre, be born with the Jagati metre.
n Be ye of one mind for us, one dwelling, spotless.
o Harm not the sacrifice nor the lord of the sacrifice, O all knowing; be ye two auspicious to day with us.
p The fire moveth entering into the fire, The son of the Rsis, the overlord he; With the cry of Hail! I offer to thee with devotion; Do thou not spoil the share of the gods.

i. 3. 8.

a I grasp thee.
b Offering to the gods, I seize thee with the noose of sacred order.
c Fear not men.
d For the waters thee, for the plants thee, I sprinkle.
e Thou art a drinker of the waters.
f Ye divine waters, make it palatable, a very palatable offering for the gods. g Let thy breath be united with the wind, thy limbs with the sacrificial, the lord of the sacrifice with his prayer.
h Anointed with ghee, do ye guard the beast.
i Ye wealthy ones, do ye kindly I resort to the lord of the sacrifice.
k O broad atmosphere, in unison with the god [1] wind, sacrifice with the life of this offering; be united with its body; extending more broadly, make the sacrifice of the lord of the sacrifice most successful.
l Guard from contact with earth.
m Homage to thee, O extended one.
n Come forward, irresistible, along the stream of ghee, with offspring, with increase of wealth.
o O ye waters, goddesses, purifying and pure, do ye bring the gods; may we, pure and served (by you), be servers upon you.

i. 3. 9.

a Let thy speech swell, let thy breath swell, let thine eye swell, let thine ear swell.
b The pain that hath reached thy vital airs, that (hath reached) thine eye, that (hath reached) thine ear, what is harsh in thee, what is in its place, let that swell, let that hereby be pure.
c Lot thy navel swell, let thine anus swell.
d Be thy feet pure.
e Hail to the waters [1]! Hail to the plants! Hail to earth! Hail to night and day! f O plant, protect him.
g O axe, harm him not.
h Thou art the share of the Raksases.
i This Raksas here I lead to the lowest darkness.
k Him who hateth us and whom we hate, here him I lead to the lowest darkness.
I For food thee! m In ghee, O sky and earth, be covered.
n Uncut, with wealth of heroes, (give us) riches.
o Fare along the broad atmosphere.
p O Vayu, taste the drops.
q Hail! go to Urdhvanabhas, offspring of the Maruts.

i. 3. 10.

a Let thy mind with the mind, let thy breath with the breath (of the gods be united).
b Be this offering rich in ghee pleasing to the gods; hail! c May Indra s expiration be set in every limb; May Indra s inspiration be in every limb.
d O god Tvastr, let mind be united for thee, When ye that are various become of one form; Over thee as thou goest among the gods for help let thy comrades And thy father and mother rejoice.
e Thou art fortune (sri).
f Let Agni cook (srinatu) thee.
g The waters are come together.
h For the whirl of the wind [1] thee, for the rush of Pusan, for the growth of the waters, of the plants.
i Drink ghee, ye drinkers of ghee; drink fat, ye drinkers of fat.
k Thou art the oblation of the atmosphere.
l Hail! thee to the atmosphere! m The quarters, the Pradises, the Adises, the Vidises, the Uddises.
n Hail to the quarters! o Homage to the quarters.

i. 3. 11.

a Go to the ocean, hail! Go to the atmosphere, hail! Go to god Savitr, hail! Go to day and night, hail! Go to Mitra and Varuna, hail! Go to Soma, hail! Go to the sacrifice, hail! Go to the metes, hail! Go to the sky and the earth, hail! Go to the clouds of the sky, hail! Go to Agni Vaisvanara, hail! b To the waters thee! To the plants thee! c Give me mind and heart! d May I acquire body, skin, son, and grandson.
e Thou art pain; pain him who hateth us and whom we hate.
f From every rule of thine, O King Varuna, set us free; From whatever oath by the waters, by the kine, by Varuna, we have sworn, From that, O Varuna, set us free.

i. 3. 12.

a These waters are rich in oblation, Rich in oblation is the divine sacrifice, Rich in oblation he seeks to win (the gods?), Rich in oblation be the sun.
b In the seat of Agni whose home is abiding I set you down, kindly for kindness, accord to me kindness.
c Ye are the share of Indra and Agni; ye are the share of Mitra and Varuna; ye are the share of the all gods.
d Be watchful over the sacrifice.

i. 3. 13.

a To the heart thee! To mind thee! To the sky thee! To the sun thee! b Raise aloft the sacrifice; in the sky guide to the gods the prayers.
c O King Soma, come hither, descend.
d Fear not, tremble not.
e Lot me not harm thee.
f Do thou descend to creatures; let creatures descend to thee.
g Let Agni (kindled) with the kindling stick hear my appeal, Let the waters hear, and the divine Dhisanas; Hearken, ye pressing stones, to the sacrifice of me the wise one, Let the god Savitr hearken to my appeal.
h Ye divine waters, child of the waters, that wave, Which is rich in oblation, powerful and sweetest, Give to the gods among the gods, Pure to the drinkers of the pure, (to them) whose share ye are; hail i Thou art the dragger; do thou (drag) away the foe of the waters.
k I draw you for the sustenance of the waters.
l That mortal, O Agni, whom thou hast helped in the battles, Whom thou hast strengthened in the contest for booty, He winneth I abiding strength.

i. 3. 14.

a Thou, O Agni, art Rudra, the Asura of the mighty sky, Thou art the host of the Maruts, thou art lord of food; Thou farest with ruddy winds, blessing the household; Thou, as Pasan dost, protectest thy worshippers with thyself.
b Rudra, king of the sacrifice, True offerer, priest of both worlds, Agni before the dreadful thunder, Of golden colour, win ye for help.
c Agni hath set him down as priest, good sacrificer, On the lap of his mother, in the fragrant place, The youthful, the wise, pre eminent among men [1], righteous, Supporter of the folk in whose midst he is kindled.
d Good hath he made our sacrifice this day; The hidden tongue of the sacrifice have we found He hath come, fragrant, clothed in life; He hath made our sacrifice this day to prosper.
e Agni hath cried like Dyaus thundering, Licking the earth, devouring the plants; Straightway on birth he shone aflame; He blazeth with his light within the firmaments.
In thee, O many faced sacrificer [2], Morning and evening, the sacrificers place their treasures, In whom, purifying, good things are placed, even as the heaven and earth (support) all beings.
q To thee, best of Angirases, All folk with fair dwellings severally, O Agni, have turned to gain their wish.
h May we win by thy help, O Agni, our wish, Wealth with fair offspring, O wealthy one: May we win booty, seeking for booty; May we win, O deathless, undying glory.
i O Agni, of the Bharatas, youngest, Bear to us excellent, glorious wealth, [3] O bright one, wealth which many desire.
k White robed is he, thundering, standing in the firmament.
Youngest, with loud sounding immortal ones, Who, purifying, most manifold, Agni, marcheth devouring many broad (forests).
l May he give thee life on every side, Agni here, the desirable.
Let thy breath come back to thee; I drive away the disease from thee.
m Giving life, O Agni, rejoicing in the oblation Be thou faced with ghee, and with birthplace of ghee Having drunk the ghee, the sweet, the delightful product of the cow, As a father his son [4], do thou protect him.
n To thee, the eager one, O knower of all, O active one, Agni, I offer this fair praise.
o From the sky was Agni first born, From us secondly he who knoweth all, In the waters thirdly the manly; The pious man singeth of him, the undying, as he kindleth him.
p Pure, O purifying one, to be lauded, O Agni, mightily thou shinest, To whom offering is made with ghee.
q Shining like gold, he hath become widely resplendent, For glory shining with immortal life; Agni became immortal in his strength [5], What time prolific Dyaus begat him.
r What time his glory urged the lord to strength, Then (did) Dyaus (let) the pure seed be sprinkled openly; Agni begot the host, the blameless, the youthful, The worshipping, and gave it impulse.
s He (flourishes) with keener mind, aided by thee.
O giver! give (us wealth) in good offspring; O Agni, may we enjoy wealth richest in heroes; Wealth() that is excellent, uttering praises to thee.
t O Agni, bring us strong wealth, By the force of thy glory, That is above [6] all men And openly prevaileth in contests for booty.
u O Agni, mighty one, bring to us That wealth which prevaileth in contests; For thou art true, wondrous, The giver of booty of kine.
v To Agni let us make service with hymns, Who feedeth on bull and cow, The disposer, backed with Soma.
w For thou art, O son, a singer, seated at the feast; Agni made at birth a path and food; Do thou, O giver of strength, bestow strength upon us; Be victorious like a king; thou rulest within without a foe.
x O Agni, thou purifiest life [7]; Do thou give food and strength to us; Far away drive ill fortune.
y O Agni, good worker, purify for us Glory in good heroes; Giving increase and wealth to me.
z O Agni the purifying, with thy light, 0 god, with thy pleasant tongue, Bring hither the gods and sacrifice.
aa Do thou, O shining and purifying one, O Agni, bring hither the gods To our sacrifice and our oblation.
bb Agni, of purest vows, Pure sage, pure poet, Shineth in purity, when offering is made.
cc O Agni, thy pure, Bright, flaming (rays) arise, Thy lights, thy flames.

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