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Having thus described at length and finished the story of Vritra s destruction Lakshmana said The mighty Vritra, the terror of the Devas, being slain, and the slayer Indra, being assailed by the sin of Brahmanicide, was bewildered and at a loss to ascetain his duty. Being at his wit s end he repaired to the other side of the Lokaloka mountain and remained there for some time like a coiled serpent. And again in consequence of Indra s separation, the whole world was agitated, the forests grew dried and the earth was devoid of water.

On account of the rivers being dried up and want of rain all creatures grew impatient. In this wise, the time of the destruction of creatures having arrived, the Devas being stricken with anxiety, according to the previous command of Vishnu, engaged in celebrating the sacrifice With Rishis and Ritwikas they fearfully approached Purandara ;and beholding him assailed by the sin of Brahmanicide, they with him, at their head, engaged in celebrating a horse sacrifice. After the sacrifice the sin issued out of Indra s person and addressing the high souled Devas said "Do ye all ascertain, where I shall go now.

Thereupon highly pleased the Devas replied "Do thou divide thyself into four portions." Hearing the words of the high souled Devas she divided herself into four pats, and wishing for a separate habitation said "By one portion, I shall at my pleasure, live in rivers full of water duing rains and shall obstruct people from going there. By my second portion I shall live perpetually on lands as Ushara ;I tell you the truth.

By my third portion I shall for three nights every month live in youthful women proud of their youth so that men might not live with them. And by my fourth. portion I shall enter into the persons of those who shall slay innocent Brahmanas.

Heaing those words the Devas said "What thou hast said shall be caried out. Do what thou wishest." Thereupon the Devas, delighted, adored their Chief divested of sins and crowned with victory.

And Vasava being installed again on the throne, the whole universe was at rest. Thereupon Indra worshipped Vishnu in the shape of that wonderful sacrifice. O descendant of Raghu, such is the power of a horse sacrifice.

Hearing the charming words of Lakshmana, the energetic and high souled king, Rama, powerful like Indra, was greatly delighted.

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