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Hearing the words of Lakshmana, Rama, the slayer of enemies, said "O thou of firm vows, do thou at length, descibe the destruction of Vritra.

Hearing the words of Raghava, Lakshmana, the enhancer of Sumitra s delight, again took up that theme. "Hearing the words of Indra and other Devas Vishnu replied From before I am bound with the high souled Vritra by the ties of fiendship. For this, even for your satisfaction, I shall not (myself) slay him.

Again I am to afford excellent felicity unto you. I shall myself divide you into three classes and then forsooth your king shall be able to destroy Vritra. Of those three portions the first shall be able to slay him.

Vishnu, the god of gods, having said this, the Devas replied, saying "O slayer of demons, undoubtedly, what thou hast said, shall prove true ;may victory crown thee ;we proceed now to slay Vritra. O highly generous deity, do thou now make Vasava powerly by infusing thy own energy." Thereupon the highly poweiful immortals headed by Indra entered the forest where the great Asura Vritra was performing austeities.

Arriving there they observed that the leading Asura was spreading rays all over the outcome of his own effulgence, as if devouing the three worlds and burning down the quarters. Beholding that foremost of Asuras, the Devas were greatly terrified and began to think of plans by which they would be able to slay him and not be defeated. While they were thus thinking, Indra, of thousand eyes, taking up a thunderbolt hurled it against Vritra s head.

That dreadful burning thunderbolt, like unto the fire of dissolution, falling on Vritra s head, the three Worlds were agitated. Thereupon thinking that he has perpetrated an iniquity by slaying Vritra engaged in asceticism, Indra, out of fear, fled to the other side of Lokaloka, perpetually enshrowded with darkness. And the sin, consequent upon the destruction of a Brahman, pursuing him vehemently, entered into his person.

In this wise Indra became subject to dreadful afflictions. Beholding the enemy slain and Indra fled, the Devas headed by fire again and again chanted the glories of Vishnu the lord of three worlds, saying "O great god, thou at the refuge of the three worlds. Thou art the first born and the father of the universe.

For protecting all creatures thou hast assumed this Vishnu form. Thou hast slain this Vritra but the sin of slaying a Brahman has visited Indra. Therefore, O excellent Purusha, do thou so arrange that he may be freed from sins.

Hearing the words of the Devas Vishnu said "Let your Chief celebrate a sacrifice in my honor and by that he shall be cleansed of the sin. If the slayer of Paka celebrates a horse sacrifice, he shall again fearlessly be installed as the chief of Devas." Having addressed these nectar like words to the Devas and being glorified by them, Vishnu, the god of gods, returned to his abode.

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