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According to the command of Rama of unweared actions, the warders went to the princes and communcated unto them (the arrival).

Beholding Bharata and Lakshmana present, Rama embraced them and said "I have, as promised, performed the work of the excellent twice born one. I wish now to perform a Rajasuya sacrifice, the source of religious glory, the destroyer of all sins, inexhaustible and un ending. Therefore, with you like my own self, I wish to engage in the most excellent and eternal Rajasuya sacrifice.

O slayer of foes, by celebrating Rajasuya, Mitra attained to the dignity of Varuna. And having celebrated the same sacrifice, Soma, conversant with piety, established eternal fame in the three worlds. Do ye therefore consult with me even today as to what is proper.

Do ye consider carefully and tell me what is auspicious and productive of well being in the long run." Heaing the words of Raghava, Bharata, well skilled in the art of speech, with folded hands, said "O pious Sir in thee are established piety, earth and fame. O thou of unmitigated prowess, as the Devas honor the patriarch so other kings hold thee in reverence.

O king, all creatures mobile and immobile consider thee as their father. O thou of great strength.thou art the refuge of all animals and of the universe.

Therefore of what use is such a sacrifice unto thee ?In such a sacrifice all the royal families meet with ruin. All those kings, who are proud of manliness, being incensed with great fire on the occasion of this sacrifice, shall bing ruin upon all. O foremost of men, the whole earth has been brought under thy subjection so it is not proper to devastate it.

Hearing those sweet accents of Bharata, Rama, having truth for his prowess, attained to incomparable delight, and addressed the enhancer of Kaikeyi s delight with kind words saying: "O thou freed from sins, I have been greatly delighted with thee. O foremost of men, for the preservation of earth,thou hast given vent to words, without any hesitation, pregnant with manliness and piety. O thou conversant with piety, according to thy wise counsels, I refrain from celebrating this Rajasuya sacrifice.

The wise should never undetake all those works which give affliction unto people, O elder brother of Lakshmana, it is proper to take wise counsels even from a boy."

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