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Hearing the words of the great saint, Rama, to perform the evening adoration, went to the pond filled with Apsaras ;and having performed the worship he again retured to the hermitage of the high souled Agastya. Thereupon the great ascetic offered him as food many substantial Kanda, roots, Oshadis and the holy Sali rice.

And taking that nectar like cooked rice, Rama, the foremost of men, was greatly delighted and spent the night there. Having got up in the morning and performed the necessary ceremonies he approached the ascetic to bid farewell, and saluting him said "O great Rishi, I do crave for thy permission to go to my own habitation. Do thou permit me.

O high souled one, I have been highly favoured and blessed by beholding thee. I shall come again some other time to free myself from sins." Hearing those wondrous words of Rama, Agastya having asceticism for his wealth, delightedly said: "O Rama these words, set in charming letters, are highly wonderful.

O descendant of Raghu, thou art the purifier of all creatures. O Rama, one, who beholds thee, even for a moment, becomes pure and worthy of repairing to heaven. Even the leading Devas worship him.

Those on earth, who cast dreadful looks on thee, are immediately brought under the control of Yama and are constrained to go to hell.O foremost of Raghus, thou art the purifier of all creatures ;people become perfect even if they only chant thy glories. Kakutstha, do thou now go with ease and fearlessly, and govern thy kingdom righteously.

O Rama thou at the refuge of the world." Hearing the words of the great and truthful Rishi the wise Rama, with folded hands, saluted him and other Rishis.and with serene air ascended the golden car Pushpaka.

Like unto the immortals welcoming the Chief of the Devas, the Rishis showered blessings upon Rama from all sides while he was proceeding. And seated on car, he appeared like the moon, after the expiry of the rainy season. Thereupon being welcomed by the villagers on his way he reached Ayodhya at noon and descended at the middle apartment.

And having permitted the charming chariot coursing at will, to go away he said Do thou now go; may good betide thee." Thereupon he said to the warder, "Do thou speedily go and having communicated my arival unto Lakshmana and Bharata bring them here."

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