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Therupon having heard everything about Arajas from a desciple, he, surrounded by his pupils, arrived at his own hermitage and beheld her there poorly, soiled with dust and like unto the morning rays Of the moon possessed by a planet.

He was sticken with hunger and Was greatly inscensed on beholding his daughter in that wretched plight as if burning the three worlds with rage. Addressing his pupils he said "Do ye witness today the dreadful calamity arising Out of my flaming fire, of the vicious Danda treading the path of immorality.

This vicious wight hath placed his hands in the burning flame so he shall, along with followers, meet with destruction. Since that vile being hath perpetrated such a dreadful crime he shall forsooth suffer the consequence thereof. Within seven nights, the wicked and vicious Danda, with his son, soldiers and retinue, shall meet with death.

Showering dust Indra shall destroy, earth to the extent of a hundred Yojana, the territory of this vicious king. And all creatures mobile and immobile, however they might be, shall be destroyed With this downpower of dust. All animals as far as this Dandas territory extends, shall be destroyed within seven nights.

Having said this, with eyes reddened with fire, Usanas, Bhrigu s son \to the inmates of his hermitage "Do ye all go and live outside this kingdom." Hearing the words of the preceptor Sukra, the inmates left the hermitage and lived in places beyond the limit of Danda s territories. Having addressed the inmates of the hermitage the great saint, said to Arajas.

"O unfortunate girl, with a devoted mind do thou wait at this hermitage. Without any anxiety, O Arajas, do thou wait for the time at the picturesque banks of this pond extending over a Yojana. Within seven nights whoever shall approach thee, shall be destroyed with this downpour of dust.

Hearing the words of the Brahmana saint and preceptor Sukra, Arajas sorrowfully said to her father it shall be done. Thereupon Sukracharya went away and lived elsewhere. According to the words of the saint, the entire kingdom of Danda, with servants, army, and conveyances, was destroyed within seven nights.

O Rama, in the golden age, the province between the mountains Vindhya and Saivala comprising Danda s teritories, imprecated by the Brahman saint, in consequence of the iniquity of the vicious souled, was reduced into a desert. From that time it passes by the name of Dandaka forest And it is otherwise called Janasthana because the ascetics used to perform austerities there. O Raghava, I have thus related unto thee, all thou didst ask of me.

O hero, the time for performing evening rites hath come. Behold O foremost of men, having performed ablution, the great saints, on all sides, with jars full of water, are worshipping the sun. Having accepted adoration in the shape of Vedic hymns chanted by Brahmans, well versed in Vedas, the illustrious Aditya is about to be set.

Therefore, O Rama, do thou perform the ceremony.

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