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Having related this story unto Rama the great saint Agastya again said: O Kakutstha, having subdued his passions, the king Danda, reigned undisturbed in this wise for many long years. Thereupon during spring, in the month of Chaitra the king arrived at the picturesque hermitage of the preceptor Sukra.

At that time, Sukra s daughter, matchless in beauty and grace, was walking in the forest. The king saw that jewel of a girl, and being stricken with lust and growing restless he approached her and said: O thou having a beautiful waist, O fair lady, whose daughter art thou ?O thou having a moonlike countenance, I have been assailed by the arrows of Cupid and hence I do accost thee thus." Hearing the words of the vicious souled Danda, maddened with lust, Sukra s daughter humbly said O king of kings I am the daughter of the preceptor Sukra of unwearied actions and my name is Arajas.

I am living in this hermitage O king, do not touch me forcibly for I am a maid and hence under the guardianship of my father. Besides my father is my preceptor, and thou art also his desciple. Being enraged he shall imprecate thee with a curse.

O foremost of men, if thou dost cherish any desire for me, do thou honestly and piously pray for it unto my sire. Or else thou shalt sufer dreadful consequences in the long run. When worked up with fire, my father can reduce even the three worlds to ashes.

O thou of a blameless person, if thou dost pray, my father may make me over unto thy hands." Arajas having said this, the king Danda, maddened with lust, placing folded palms on his head, said: "Be thou propitiated with me, O thou having a graceful person ;do not tarry even for a moment. My heart bursts out for thee, O thou having a moon like countenance.

For acquiring thee I can even take upon myself my oWn destruction or dreadful iniquity. Do thou seek me, O fair lady I am beside myself for thee." Having said this the king forcibly ravished her.

Having perpetrated such a mighty iniquity he speedily returned to his own city Madhumanta. Arajas cried aloud in forest at no distance from the hermitage and waited for her sire who had been away on visiting the Devas.

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