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Hearing the words of Rama of unwearied actions, the ascetic, with his face downwards, said "O highly illustrious Rama, I am born in the race of Sudras; and with a view to reach the region of the gods with my body I am going through these austere penances. O Kakuthstha, I shall never utter a falsehood since I am willing to conquer the the region of gods.

I am a Sudra and my name is Sambuka." The Sudra ascetic having said this, Rama took out of scabbard a beautiful sharp sword and chopped of his head therewith. And that Sudra being slain, Indra, Agni and other Devas praised him again and again and showered flowers.

And being greatly delighted, the Devas said to Rama, having truth for his prowess: "O thou of a great mind, thou hast nicely performed this god like work. O slayer of foes, do thou now crave a boon. O descendant of Raghu, being slain by thee this Sudra hath been able to attain to the abode of the celestials.

Hearing the words of the Devas, Rama, having truth for his prowess, said with folded hands to Purandara, of a thousand eyes "If the Devas are pleased, I beg for this boon that the son of the twice born one may be restored to life. Do ye confer upon me this boon ;this is my wished for object. It is for my iniquitous conduct that this only son of the Brahman hath met with untimely death.

Do ye restore him to life. I have promised before that leading twice born one that I would restore his son to life do ye therefore, make not me a liar." Hearing the words of Rama the leading Devas delightedly said "Do thou return, O Kakutstha.

The Brahmin boy shall immediately gain back his life and be united with his father, mother and friends. O Raghava, with the death of the Sudra the boy has regained his life. Be thou at ease ;may good betide thee.

O foremost of men, we, too, return with delighted heats. O Raghava, we desire to behold the hermitage of the great saint Agastya. Having been initiated, that highly effulgent Brahman saint hath lived within waters for twelve years ;his vow hath now terminated O Kakuthstha, we shall now go to welcome that Muni.

Do thou also follow us to see that saint." Saying so be it to the words of the Devas that descendant of Raghu ascended his golden car Pushpaka, And having ascended spacious cars the Devas proceeded to the hermitage of Agastya born of a Kumbha. Rama too also followed them.

Thereupon beholding the Devas present the virtuous souled Agastya, the jewel of asceticism, welcomed them particularly. Having accepted his worship and adored in return that great Muni,the immotals, delighted, proceeded to their abodes with their followers. The Devas having depated Rama descended from Pushpaka and saluted that effulgent and foremost of Rishis Agastya.

And having received due hospitality he sat there. Thereupon the highly effulgent and leading ascetic Kumbhayoni said: "O Raghava, I have been greatly delighted with thy coming.By my good fortune I have seen thee to day.

O Rama, 1 love thee because thou art gifted with many qualities. O king, thou at my worshipful guest. I was thinking of thee.

The Devas informed me that thou wert coming having slain the Sudra ascetic. Thou hast observed piety and hast given back life unto the dead child of the Brahman. Do thou spend this night with me, O Raghava.

Thou art the graceful Narayana. In thee the whole universe is established. Thou at the lord of all creatures and the eternal Purusha.

Thou shalt go to thy city next morning in thy Pushpaka car. This ornament, O gentle one, hath bees made by the architect of the Devas ;its make is very beautiful and it is dazzling by its own lustre. By accepting this, O Kakutstha, do thou satisfy my desire.

It is said, that one attains to best fruits if he makes present unto his deity, of best articles he gets from another. Thou art the only worthy person to use this ornament. Thou art alone capable of conferring best fruits.

Thou dost protect Indra and other celestials. Therefore I do duly present thee with this ornament. O king, do thou accept it.

Thereupon meditating upon the duties of the Kshatriyas, the heroic Rama, the foremost of the intelligent, said "O illustrious Sir, the Brahmanas only can accept presents how can the Kshatriyas do ?To take gifts is the function of the Brahmanas for Kshatriyas it is a source of censure. Besides, to receive presents from a Brahmana, is highly culpable. Do thou therefore tell me, how I may accept this ornament.

fearing the words of Rama, the great saint Agastya replied saying "O Rama, O son of Dasaratha, at the beginning of the golden age, people had no king; but Vasava was the ruler of the Devas. Therefore to obtain a king, men approached Brahma, the god of gods and said "O deity thou hast placed Indra as ruler over the Devas ;therefore, O lord of creatures, do thou also confer upon us a king who shall be foremost among men ;by worshipping him we shall be freed from all sins. We shall not live without the king even this is our firm resolution.

Thereupon the Patriarch Brahma sent for Indra and other Devas and said "Do ye all give a portion of your respective energies." Thereupon the Devas gave each a portion of their own energies. Thereupon Brahma made a Khshupa or sound and therefrom originated a king under the name of Khshupa.

And in his person Brahma placed in equal proportions the energies of the Devas. Thereafter he made Khshupa the foremost king of men. By virtue of the portion of Indra s energy the king Khshupa brought the earth under his control ;by that of Varuna s energy he fostered his own body :by Kubera s portion he conferred riches upon his subjects ;and by that of Yama he governed them.

Therefore, O Rama, by virtue of Indra s portion, do thou accept this ornament and confer upon me the salvation." Hearing the words of the Muni, Rama took from him that brilliant celestial ornament burning like the rays of the Sun. And having taken that excellent ornament, Dasarathi asked the great saint Kumbhayoni, saying "Whence hast thou obtained this celestial ornament of a wondrous make ?Who hast given thee this ?O Brahman, I do accost thee thus out of cuiosity.

Thou art the mine of many wonders." Whereto Agastya replied, saying "Hearken, O Rama, how I did obtain this ornament in the Treta age."

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