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Therupon going to bed, Satrughna began to meditate upon that excellent theme relating to Rama and treating of diverse subjects and did not enter into sleep. In sooth the high minded Satrughna spent the night in no time listening to that charming song set in musical notes.

The night being over, he first went through the morning rites and then with folded hands addressed the foremost of ascetics, Valmiki, saying "O illustrious Sir, I am anxious to see Rama, the enhancer of the delight of the Raghu race. And my desire is that thou mayst with other illustrious Rishis, grant me permission on this." Satrughna, the slayer of enemies, having said this, the great ascetic Valmiki embraced and bade him farewell.

He was greatly anxious to behold Rama and saluting the foremost of Munis he speedily proceeded to Ayodhya. Thereupon having entered the highly picturesque city Ayodhya, the graceful descendant of Ikshwakus, Satrughna, reached where the long armed and the highly effulgent Rama was waiting. He espied there Rama in the midst of the councillors like Indra amongst the immortals burning in his own efulgence.

And having bowed with folded hands unto Rama, having truth for his prowess, Satrughna said "O great king, I have carried out all thine behests ;I have slain the vicious Lavana and filled his city with subjects. O descendant of Raghu, twelve years have passed away without thee 1 do not wish to live any longer separated from thee. Do thou therefore, O Kakuthstha of unmitigated prowess, have compassion on me.

Without thee, I cannot live for ever in a foreign province like a motherless child." He having said this, Rama embraced him and said "Be not sorry, O hero. This is not a becoming action for Kshatriyas.

The kings, O Raghava, are never tired of living in a foreign land. According to the morality of the Kshatriyas, their greatest duty consists in governing the subjects. O heroic and foremost of men, do thou, at intervals, come to Ayodhya to see me and return to thy own city.

Forsooth thou art dearer than my life. But it is an incumbent duty to govern the kingdom. Do thou therefore, O Kakutstha, live with me for seven nights, and afterwards return to thy city with thy servants, army and conveyances.

Hearing those moral and charming words of Rama, Satrughna poorly replied, saying "Thy command shall be carried out." Thereupon Satrughna, well skilled in the use of bows, remained with Rama for seven nights and then addressed himself for depature. Thereupon having invited Bharata and Lakshmana, the high souled Rama, having truth for his prowess, speedily went for his city in a huge chariot.

The high souled Lakshmana and Bharata followed him on foot for some distance.

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