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Lavana being slain the Devas headed by Agni and Indra said in sweet accents to Satrughna the represser of enemies "O child, fortunate it is that thou hast been crowned with success after slaying the Rakshasa Lavana. Do thou, therefore, O foremost of men, O thou of firm vows, accept boons. O thou having long arms, all those who can confer boons have arrived here ;they all wish for thy victory; seeing us doth not go without fruits.

Hearing the words of the Devas the large armed and self controlled Satrughna placed his hands on his head and said "Let his picturesque and charming city of Madhu, built by the Devas, be my capital; this is the only excellent boon I can beg." The Devas, with a delighted heart, said to the descendant of Raghu.

"Thy desire shall be fulilled and forsooth shall thy city be turned into a picturesque capital under the name of Surasena." The high souled Devas having ascended the welkin saying this, the highly effulgent Satrughna brought the soldiers there, that were encamped on the banks of the Ganges. When the soldiers arrived there on hearing the commands of Satrughna he engaged in making encampments in the month of Sravana.

In this wise the fearlessness of the celestial host, taking the shape of a country, that beautiful and picturesque city was reared in the course of twelve years. All the fields there were filled with crops and Indra began to pour showers in due season. And being protected by the strength of Satrughna s arms all men there became valiant and were freed from deseases.

That city on the banks of Yamuna appeared beautiful like the half moon and was filled with yards, shops, streets beautiful houses, men of four orders and various articles of trade. Satrughna now engaged in beautifying the spacious, white houses that were made by Lavana before, with vaious ornamental works. Beholding the city interspersed with vaious excellent gardens, pleasure grounds and prosperously filled with Devas and men and diverse articles of trade and merchants hailing from various countries, Satrughna, the younger brother of Bharata, attained to the satisfaction of desire and excess of delight.

Having thus reared the beautiful city he resolved within himself "The twelfth year has come. I shall now behold the feet of Rama." Thereupon having set up the city resembling the region of the Devas and filled with various men, the king Satrughna, the enhancer of Raghu s race, determined on beholding Rama s feet.

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