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They being thus engaged in conversation regarding his having victory without any danger Satrughna in no time ended the night.

The clear morning having arrived, the heroic Lavana issued out of his city to collect food. In the meantime having crossed the river Yamuna, the heroic Satrughna, with bow in his hands, stood at the gate of Madhu s city. Thereupon returning in the noon with many sand animals, the night ranger Lavana, of dreadful visions, espied Satrughna standing at the gate with a weapon is hand.

Thereupon he said "What shalt thou do with weapon ?O vile wight, enraged I have devoured many thousand persons holding weapons like thee. I now perceive thou hast also been possessed by Kala. O vile man, I am fed.

How shalt thou, of thy own accord, enter into my mouth Lavana?" having said this again and again laughing great hero Satrughna shed tears in anger. The high souled Satrughna being beside himself with rage, from all person issued burning lustre. Greatly enraged he said to the night ranger "O thou of a vicious intellect, I wish to enter into a dual encounter with thee.

I am the son of the great king Dasaratha, brother of the intelligent Rama and my name is Satrughna. I1 slay all my enemies and have come here to destroy thee. I wish now to fight with thee do thou enter a dual conflict.

Thou art the enemy of all animals. Thou shalt not be able to survive at my hands "He having this, the Rakshasa, laughing aloud, replied unto that nost of men "Thy understanding is bewildered. By the influence of destiny thou hast come under my control.

The Rakshasa Ravana was the brother of my aunts, o thou of vicious understanding, O vile wight, it is for his wife that Rama did slay him. It is out of hatred that I have tolerated the destruction of Ravana s family and have pardoned you all. You are all vile men ;I have slain and defeated all of your family that have passed away and shall destroy all that are living and shall come into existence.

O thou of vicious intellect, if thou wishest I shall fight with thee. Do thou wait here so long I do not bring my weapon. Do thou remain here as long asI with that shall not kill thee.

"Whereto Satrughna immediatelyreplied "Where shalt thou go while I am alive ?The practical men should never let off the enemies who come out of their own accord. He, who inviteth an enemy into battle under the influence of perveted understanding, is slain like a coward. Do thou behold this world of creatures to thy hearts content for I shall by various sharp weapons despatch thee to Yama s abode who is the enemy of the three worlds and Raghava.

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