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Thereupon when the night set in Satrughna accosted Bhrigu s son Chavanya saying, "O Brahman, how powerful is Lavana ?And what is the strength of his dart ?What persons before had been destroyed by this dart in conflict ?"Hearing the words of the high souled descendant of Raghu, Satrughna, the highly effulgent Chavanya replied saying O descendant of Raghu, Lavana hath accomplished many works by this dart; amongst them, hear, what Mandhata, born in the race of Ikshwaku, did. The early king of Ayodhya as known over the three worlds under the name of Mandhata.

He was the son of Yavanashwa, highly powerful and strong. Having brought the whole world under his subjection the king Mandhata engaged in the conquest of the celestial region. He having been engaged in making prepaitions to conquer the world of Devas the celestial chief Indra with other immortals was greatly terrified.

With this promise, the king Mandhata went up into the celestial region so that he would occupy the half of Indra s throne and kingdom and the Devas would adore him. Being apprised of this vicious intention of his, Indra, the slayer of Paka, consoled him in sweet words, saying "O foremost of men, even in the land of men, thou hast not been able to become the real king. Without perfectly subjugating the earth how lost thou wish to lord over the Deva kingdom ?If the whole world is under thy subjection, O hero, be thou, with he whole host of thy servants and soldiers, installed on the celestial throne.

Indra having said this, the high souled Mandhata replied: O Sakra, who on this earth, hath disobeyed my commands ?"Whereto Indra replied "O sinless one, the night ranger, Lavana, Madhu s son, living in Madhuvana, is not under thy control." Hearing those dreadful and unpleasant words from Indra, the king lowered his head in shame and became silent. Thereupon

having welcomed Indra in that way, he. left there and returned earth. O slayer of enemies, with an angry heart, army and conveyance be went to subjugate Madhu s son Lavana and sent an emissary inviting him to battle.

The ambassador, having gone there, addressed many unpleasant words unto Lavana and the night ranger devoured him. On the other hand inding the delay of his return tke king Mandhata, enraged, began to assail the Rakshasa Lavana with arrows from all sides. Laughing wild Lavana took up the dart in his band and discharged it to destroy the king with his followers.

Thereupon growing powerful the dart reduced the king with his servants and army into ashes and returned to Lavana. In this wise the high souled king Mandhata, with his huge army, was slain. O gentle hero, incomparable and great is the strength of the dart.

Forsooth thou shalt slay Lavana next morning. Certain is thy victory if Lavana cannot take up his dart. People shall be at ease if thou canst bring about the destruction of Lavana.

O foremost of men, I shall then descibe unto thee the imcomparable and dreadful prowess of the vicion souled Lavana and his dart. O king, with great exertions did Lavana slay Mandhata and not easily. O high minded one, next morning thou shalt surely destroy Lavana.

He shall issue out for flesh without taking his dart. And at that time, O lord of men, thou shalt, for sooth, be crowned with victory."

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