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"On that host being sore pressed at its back by Padmanabha, Malyavan turned back even as the ocean doth on meet ing with its shore.

And with his eyes reddened, that night ranger waxing wroth, shaking his head, addressed that prime of male persons Padmanabha, saying, O Narayana, thou at ignorant of the time honored morality of Kshatriyas ;and therefore like a base wight thou slayest us, desisting from fight and exercised with fear. O lord of the Devas, he that commits the crime of slaying one that desists from fight, cannot go to the celestial regions as the fruit of meritorious acts. If thou art bent upon battle, O holder of the conch, the discus and the mace, taking up my post (here), I shall see (thy strength).

Do thou show (me) the same. Seeing Malyavan resembling the mountain, Malyavan, stay, the powerful younger brother of the sovereign of the Devas spoke unto him, I have removed the fear of the deities, afrighted at you, by promising that I will make root and branch work with the Rakshasas; and that same promise I am now fulilling. I should always lay down my life for serving the Devas ;and you I will slay even if ye should go to the nethermost regions.

As that god of gods having eyes resembling red lotuses was speaking thus, the lord of Rakshasas in high wrath pierced his breast with a dart. And hurled by the hand of Malyavan, the dart resonant with bells, appeared graceful on Hari s breast like lightning embosomed in clouds. Thereat drawing out the same dart, that one dear unto the Wielder of the Dart, having eyes resembling red lotuses, aiming at Malyavan, hurled it at him.

Thereat the dart discharged by the hand of Govinda like unto the Dart discharged by the hand of Skanda,rushing towards the Rakshasa like a meteor coursing towards the Anjana mountain, descended on the spacious chest of the lord of Rakshasas decked with the weight of a chain, even as the thunder clap bursts at the summit of a mountain. And on having his mail rent, Malyavan was utterly deprived of his senses; but (apon) reposing for a while, he again stood like a moveless hill. Then taking up a javelin made of black iron girt with many a thorn, he furiously smote that deity on the chest.

And that night ranger delighting in battle, dealing a box at Vasava s younger brother, moved away to a distance measuring a bow s length. And now there arose a mighty tumult in the sky of Excellent! Excellent And having struck Vishnu, the Rakshasa also hit Garura. Thereat Vinata s son, growing enraged, drove the Rakshasas away with the wind of his wings, even as a lusty wind bloweth about sere leaves.

And seeing his elder brother driven by the wind produced by the wing s of that bird, Sumali along with his forces, made for Lanka. And pushed of by the violence of the wind of Garura( s) wings, the Rakshasa Malyavan also, joined by his own forces, depated for Lanka, covered with shame. Thus, O Rama, O lotus eyed one, (the Rakshasas) had innumerable warriors beaten down and their foremost leaders slain.

And albeit inlated with pride, they, incapable of coping with Vishnu, leaving Lanka, went to the nether regions with their wives for dwelling there. O best of the Raghus, these Rakshasas of celebrated prowess, related to the race of Salakantankata, remained under the leadership of the Rakshasa Sumali. All those exalted Rakshasas going under the name of Paulastya that had been headed by Sumali, Malyavan and Mali, were stronger than Ravana.

No other than the god Narayana, holding the conch, the discus and the mace, could slay those Rakshasas foes to the Devas and thorns in the side of the deities. And thou at that eternal god the four armed Narayana, the lord undetei orating and unconquerable, sprung to exterminate Rakshasas. The creator of beings that one ever cheishing those seeking his refuge appeareth at times to compass the destruction of marauders, bringing the religion of people to rack and ruin.

Thus, O lord of men, to day I have truly related unto thee at length the origin of the Rakshasas. Again, O foremost of the Raghus, do thou understand the matchless birth and potency of Ravana and his sons related in detail. And that powerful Rakshasa, Sumali, afflicted with the fear of Vishnu, along with his sons and grand sons for a long time ranged the nether regions, and the lord of riches resided in Lanka.

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